El Clásico has threatened with postponement again.

El Clásico has threatened with postponement again.

Politics haunts the Clásico.

Clasico, the Spanish football between Barcelona and Real Madrid, has once again been threatened with a postponement due to political events and demonstrations in Catalonia.

The meeting was postponed from its original date of October 26th to December 18th following the agreement of Real Madrid, Barcelona, the Spanish Federation and representatives of la Liga.

Prominent political groups and parties in Barcelona announced demonstrations on December 18th.

The "Democratic Tsunami" group commented on the choice of the same date for the match to demonstrate and stressed that freedoms and Catalonia's right to self-action are above all else.

The group stressed in its statement that the continued presence of political prisoners will drive demonstrations and protests to continue, raising the slogan that the Classico is played by everyone.

There was no official comment from the interested parties on whether the match could be postponed again due to calls for demonstrations.

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