Federico Valverde the missing piece in Zidane's line-up and the destroyer of Pogba dream

Federico Valverde the missing piece in Zidane's line-up and the destroyer of Pogba's dream

Does Federico Valverde's brilliance in the middle of Real Madrid threaten Pogba's dream of joining Real Madrid?

The past few weeks have seen a great shine for young Uruguayan star Federico Valverde, Real Madrid player with the royal club and his country.

Valverde's brilliance gave Zinedine Zidane the missing piece in the Real Madrid squad and the player became the main engine in the middle of the team's pitch and the link that Zizou lost for months between defense and attack.

Toni Kroos retreated from his usual level and the progress of Croatian Luka Modrić was a misfortune of the people that turn to benefits for others, but in this case turns to their own benefits if we are talking about Real Madrid their misfortune in the old guard duo turned to the brightness of a young star new capable of leading the midfield of Snow I'm not going to do that


Every time the Uruguayan star is absent from Real Madrid in la Liga, the royal team loses points easily and moves away from the top of the Spanish league and it is repeated on more than one occasion.

As was the case in the Champions League when they lost to Paris Saint-Germain in the opening round of the group stage in the French capital.

But does all this mean that Valverde has become the player who will lead the Real Madrid midfield in the coming years and that the Royal Club will not continue in their pursuit of The Frenchman Paul Pogba?

This may be the case if we look at things from a purely pragmatic perspective without considering the factors that affect player levels, experience, marketing and other things that determine the need for Real Madrid to include Paul Pogba.


For example, who in France don't want to see Real Madrid featuring the best midfielders in the world over the past decade and their history is coaching one of the best stars in that position these days?

Besides, as we said earlier, there will be no competition between the pair if they are put in a comparison of how to experience each player has, and Pogba will easily win, and such experience factors are very important when it comes to playing for Real Madrid.

But at the level of numbers, we see that the cuff is tipped in favor of the Uruguayan player in the current season, although this does not mean to ensure the continuation of success and good numbers in the coming period, so the satisfaction with the presence of Valverde is just a big adventure for Zidane.

Zidane's desire to take on this adventure does not mean Florentino Pérez agreeing to it, we are talking about a businessman who speaks the language of money and knows exactly what it means to include a player like Paul Pogba next to Eden Hazard and the current constellation of stars in the ranks of Real Madrid.

Does Valverde's level threaten Pogba's future at Real Madrid and his dream of Pérez in seeing the Frenchman in a royal jersey or are we seeing a new big deal for the Spanish capital next summer?

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