Great Man - A Disappointing Man | Barcelona and Real Madrid

Best and worst in The Classico Of The Earth

Real Madrid and Barcelona, in a goalless draw, were content in the clash between them on Wednesday evening, which had already been postponed from the tenth week of the Spanish League.

Despite the negative result and the lack of shaking of the net throughout the events of the match, the site witnessed some brilliance and the disappearance of others at the Camp Nou stadium.

Great Man - Isco

Barcelona and Real Madrid

The Spanish star certainly seems to be asking for a great performance after his absence from the starting line-up or making goals in such matches, but tonight was the best despite his failure to shake the net or make goals.

Isco was the most active link at Real Madrid, contributed to connecting the lines of the team by more than one chance, and came close to making goals had it not been for the poor luck.

Also do not forget the Uruguayan player Valverde, who made a very good game from a defensive and offensive point of view and also made some shots that were dangerous on the goal of Barcelona but did not get lucky in these shots.

A Disappointing Man - Gareth Bale

Barcelona and Real Madrid

Once again the Welshman failed to use his opportunity to impress coach Zinedine Zidane, as he had some balls to reconcile the crowd and respond to all the criticisms leveled at him but did not deal with them properly.

Gareth Bale had little impact on the attacking side or defense and wasted a chance that nearly gave his team the win in the final minutes.