El Clasico: Real Madrid and Barcelona news

El Clasico Real Madrid and Barcelona news

MadridistaMN offers everything you need to know about the classic sought between Real Madrid and Barcelona, the date, the news of the two teams, how can you follow it?

The Barcelona team is preparing to receive their arch-rival and eternal enemy Real Madrid in the first Clásico match of the season in La Liga, next Wednesday 18 December 2019 AD, in a meeting postponed from week 10 due to the outbreak of some demonstrations in Catalonia, which forced officials The Blaugrana postponed the match out of fear for the safety of the players.

Barça are temporarily one point ahead of Real Madrid after a draw with Real Sociedad at Anoeta, and there is still a game left for Real Madrid when they travel to meet Valencia on Sunday evening at the Mestalla Stadium in a very difficult match for Real Madrid, but whatever the result is undoubtedly It will be the lead for the team that wins the Clásico in a few days.

Real Madrid are arming Zidane's return again to improve his results against Barcelona after the team failed to win the Clásico since the Spanish Super in 2017, and after the heavy loss suffered by the team in the first round match of last season led to the dismissal of Lopetegui, before losing In the second-round match played last March with a clean goal scored by Croatian Rakitic.

In this report, we will learn some facts about the game and the news of the injured which is more.

Real Madrid and Barcelona News

El Clasico: Real Madrid and Barcelona news

Real Madrid suffer from many injuries as is customary since Zidane's return to the team, where a Spanish report from Marca indicated that 29 different injuries hit the players in just four months, not to mention that last season saw 23 players suffer about 50 injuries, and the situation did not change much at the beginning of the season  Currently, the royal finds himself without some of his best players in the Clásico, most notably the duo Hazard and Marcelo.

On the other hand, Barcelona does not suffer from many absences, with the Brazilian Arthur being away from the team recently with the spread of some rumors about his diagnosis of sexual disease due to the announcement of Barcelona's injury in the pubic area, as well as the injury suffered by the glass Ousmane Dembélé which is the "hamstring" in He came out of Valverde's calculations in the Clásico.

Real Madrid
Leg muscles
Eden Hazard
Real Madrid
A crack in the right foot.
James Rodríguez
Real Madrid
A sprain in the inner ligament of the left knee
Marco Asensio
Real Madrid
Cruciate ligament
Lucas Vázquez
Real Madrid
Fracture in his left toe
Pubic area
Ousmane Dembélé

Facts about El Clásico

The value of the Clásico match will never change and how important the game is for all football fans and not just the fans of both teams, even with the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus, but the game still retains its elegance with the presence of the best player in the world and the winner of the Ballon d'Or for the sixth time in its history Lionel Messi with Barcelona, whose presence with Barcelona caused them to win the Clásico.

It is natural to find Barcelona competing for the title of La Liga after Barcelona monopolized the domestic title in the last few years even before the arrival of Valverde, and with the absence of Real Madrid their only rival in the competition for their most prominent player in the history of the club, Cristiano Ronaldo, it seemed as if getting The league is easier, but the team's start to the current season has not been perfect.

Barcelona suffered three defeats since last August after the team was forced to start the season without Messi due to injury and stumbled in three games in the first five weeks, falling in the first round against Athletic Bilbao, draw with Osasuna and loss to Granada in a match in which Messi participated in only 45 minutes, and He was not 100% physically ready.

Many fans expected the departure of Valverde before the start of the current season after the team was humiliated ly excluded from the Champions League semi-final against Liverpool, but the club's management decided to renew confidence in its coach and the players agreed that they share the responsibility of that tragic night for the team in Anfield, there is no better occasion than the Clásico for Valverde to quickly regain the public's confidence in him. 

On the other hand, Real Madrid started the season badly, which increased the pressure on the team after a huge summer in which it spent about 307 million euros, after winning the first round on Celta de Vigo, Real Madrid stumbled in two games in a row and drew with Valladolid and Villarreal, the performance of the team was not convincing  Often, before the team scored a big win over Sevilla at Ramon Sanchez, things gradually started to improve after him.

Zidane's ability to hold on despite the huge amount of injuries and the lack of adaptation of most of the new deals on La Liga such as Hazard, Jović, Militão, and Mendy, however, real Madrid have suffered only one loss since the beginning of the season against Mallorca in October  With a clean goal scored by Lago Junior, Real Madrid have once stumbled into a negative draw against Real Betis.

Like Valverde, Zidane seeks to use the momentum of the Clásico to restore full confidence and ease the great media pressure on the players and gain the ability to continue competing for the league title despite many absences, to create the stars of some young talent such as Valverde, Rodrygo and Vinícius Júnior having got their chance recently.

Why will the Hazard miss the Clásico?

Real Madrid did not make up for the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo directly but he had to wait for a full season as if he was waiting for Zidane's return to determine the needs of the team, which once he took charge of the team's training for the second time demanded the contract with The Belgian Eden Hazard, who had insisted repeatedly and repeatedly He has wanted to wear a Real Madrid shirt since he was a Chelsea player, before his dream finally came true this summer.

And because the wind comes with what the ships do not want, the Belgian suddenly missed the beginning of the season after being injured in training, and since his return suffered to reach the top of his level and as soon as he began to improve gradually, Hazard received the second strike after suffering a fracture in the right foot which will force him to miss The Clásico match, which he wished to participate in, is the most important opportunity to prove his ability to compensate Ronaldo and to fight Messi face-to-face.

How will Valverde play in the Clásico?

How will Valverde play in the Clásico?

It seems that determining the way Barcelona play in the Clásico match is a little harder than the rival Real Madrid, because the Catalan team suffers from the absence of only two of its players, namely Brazilian Arthur and FrenchmanOus Dembele, but does Valverde resort to some surprises in the summit match, or begins with the expected formation ؟

There is no dispute over the use of German Ter Stegen in goalkeeping despite the mistake he made against Sociedad, on the right seems that Roberto can be trusted more than Semedo in such confrontations, but there will be confusion on the left side with the return of Alba from injury and unpreparedness and arrival To the required level, which appeared in the meeting Real Sociedad, is the payment of newcomer Firpo?, including the mutual duo Pique and Lenglet.

Barcelona is missing the services of Brazilian midfielder Arthur, but will he continue to rely on Rakitić next to Busquets and de Jong? Or will Valverde push The Chilean Vidal, a better option in such matches because of the great physical strength of the Real Madrid midfielder in the presence of the duo Valverde and Casemiro?

In the forward line, it is only natural that Valverde continues to rely on Messi and Suárez, who used to shine against Real Madrid in particular, in addition to newcomer Antoine Griezmann, who seeks to gain a special place within the hearts of Barcelona fans if he succeeds in scoring in the Clásico, and has always been accustomed to The French star is showing well in the big games.

How will Zidane play in the Clásico?

How will Zidane play in the Clásico?

Zinedine Zidane does not have many options to make some surprises in the formation of Real Madrid before the Clásico match, due to the injury of a large number of players, notably The Belgian Hazard, who waited for everyone to participate in such matches, in addition to Marcelo, James Rodríguez, Vázquez and by them Asensio who suffered a cut in the cruciate ligament before the start of the season.

The goalkeeper seems to be reserved for The Belgian Courtois, who has recently regained his level and managed to keep his net clean in many games, and in the line of defense the situation will not change much with the presence of Carvajal on the right, Ramos and Varane as a defender and Mendy on the left end due to the absence of Marcelo However, nacho is needed because of the Frenchman's lack of experience.

In midfield, Zidane will be confused only to think about starting Modrić or Valverde with the need to rely on Casemiro and Kroos, the problem of the Croatian player is his poor fitness due to his age, which in turn is the most prominent weapon of the young Uruguayan Valverde, but the experience of the best player in the For the world of 2018 is very important and this will put the French coach in a big bind.

The Frenchman Karim Benzema offers a more than excellent season in which he managed to score 11 goals and make 5 others, but the lack of experience of the Brazilian duo Rodrygo and Vinícius may make him look isolated in the front line, so Zidane is likely to use bale and Isco due to the great quality of the duo and their ability to perform Several different tactical roles, particularly the Spanish magician whose presence may cause Modrić from the outset to back up the midfield.

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