Disclosure of details of the dialogue between the referee of the arena and the video in The Clasico

Does Real Madrid deserve a penalty in the Clásico?

Press reports revealed the text of the dialogue between the referee Of the arena Hernández Hernández and the referee of the video Ricardo in the two shots in which Real Madrid demands a penalty against Barcelona in the Clásico.

Spanish radio "Onda Cero," said that Real Madrid had submitted an official request to the referee's committee for the recording, which contains the text of the dialogue between the video referee and the arena during the Meeting of the Clásico.

According to the radio, the referees' committee may not agree to grant registration to Real Madrid, as the committee usually refuses to broadcast these recordings in public.

The radio explained that Hernandez stopped the game to suspect that the first penalty kicks against Ivan Rakitic against Casemiro and the second from clément Lenglet's intervention on Rafael Varane and by asking De Burgos about the situation he replied "Nothing, continue, continue"."

The radio reported that the video referee assured Hernandez that there was no need to watch the shot, which prompted him to complete the game.

The radio reported that the referees' concern about the penalty shoot-out for Real Madrid is likely to be caused by the anger in the stands and the concern that this caused a crisis, which led them to ignore the two shots.

Real Madrid has not won a penalty in the Clásico at the Camp Nou in 12 years.