Tebo Courtois, the current Real Madrid, and Former Chelsea goalkeeper explain how the controversy over Navas helped them.

Belgian star Tebo Courtois, Real Madrid goalkeeper, revealed the nature of the relationship that has brought him to his former Costa Rican teammate Keylor Navas, the current Paris Saint-Germain player, through statements on behalf of the newspaper "Marca".

"Keylor Navas was my partner and there were always attempts to help us together, but that's not there anymore," Courtois said.

He added: "That kind of controversy outside the club around us helped us a bit because we were training well and competing for the goalkeeping position, as is happening now with Arriola who is a great goalkeeper."

He continued: "My training requirements have not changed for me and you have not said, every day I work with all my strength but that controversy that came from outside became non-existent."

He ended his remarks about the ambitions of the season: "We showed against Barcelona that we can beat any team, and now we have the Super League after the Copa del Rey and the Champions League, we want to win everything."

Courtois has often suffered from the involvement of Keylor Navas, although he left Chelsea only to be with Real Madrid.

It is worth mentioning that Courtois has proved himself better this season with Real Madrid and has got most of the minutes and posts in the goalkeeping position mainly.