Courtois criticises real madrid and Athletic Bilbao match

Real Madrid goalkeeper Tebow Courtois criticizes his team's match against Athletic Bilbao in the 18th round of la Liga.

Belgian goalkeeper Tebow Courtois expressed his annoyance at the result of his team's match today against Athletic Bilbao in the 18th round of la Liga.

This came in a press statement made by Courtois during which he confirmed that the referee of the meeting did not affect the outcome in any way but criticized him because of the lack of yellow cards.

"That result leaves us in a bad state after we lost more points, but we will have to work again as hard as we can to get back in the future," Courtois said.

"When there is a player who stops attacks through violent interventions, you have to show him the yellow cards," he said.

"After all, I don't think the referee was the reason we got out of the game with that result, we can't start thinking about such things right now," he said.

He ended his remarks: "Sometimes the ball refuses to go into the goal, against Valencia, and at the Camp Nou it was repeated and we had many chances to score."

It is worth mentioning that Real Madrid had drawn for the third game in a row today against Bilbao after drawing with Valencia and Barcelona in the last two meetings.