Ronaldo explains his famous celebration

A celebration that became a registered mark for the Portuguese.

Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo explained where his famous celebration of goals he used to do in his last season with Real Madrid and now in Italy.

In recent years, Ronaldo has been known for celebrating jumping and shouting "Syi", meaning "yes" in Latin languages, a shot that has become a registered sign for the Portuguese.

"I started doing it when I was at Real Madrid when we won, everyone was saying it, and spontaneously I was doing it too," Ronaldo said in an exclusive interview with "DAZN."

He added: "I remember pre-season training in Los Angeles, we played against Chelsea and I scored and I did the shot, the audience asked me why, I said I don't know, talk to me spontaneously, and that's the best thing about it."

The Portuguese regained his scoring appetite after fasting in November with Juventus after scoring in all the team's recent meetings in Serie A and Champions League.

Ronaldo will play Juventus next week in Saudi Arabia for the Italian Super Cup against Lazio.