Can Karim Benzema play for a team other than France?

Can Karim Benzema play for a team other than France?

Karim Benzema is suffering and it is not possible to participate with the French national team, is it possible to participate with another team especially after he announced his desire to do so?

Karim Benzema is one of the most successful and productive forwards in the football world in recent years and, over the past decade, he has always been an important and brilliant player with Real Madrid.

But despite his success at club level, with four Champions League titles, two La Liga titles and four Club World Cup titles, this has not been reflected in his international career with France.

The Real Madrid striker missed Euro 2016 when France was defeated in the final by Portugal with a clean goal and was forced to follow with sorrow and envy France's 2018 World Cup in Russia as he sat at home and not on the Didier Deschamps list.

With it difficult to play in the France shirt again, there were suggestions that he would play for another team, but is that possible? Look at the whole story.

Why doesn't Karim Benzema play for France?

Benzema's crisis with the French national team began as a result of a severe dispute with his teammate Mathieu Valbuena over a sex tape of Valbuena in 2015.

The Real Madrid striker has not been involved in the French national team since, with French Football Federation President Noel Le Graet unofficially deciding that Benzema would not be recalled for the national team.

Despite the assertions of many French football legends, led by Zinedine Zidane, Benzema deserves to be with the French national team, Le Graet insists that Benzema's adventure with France is over.

The statement sparked outrage from Benzema, who responded with a powerful tweet on his Twitter account, demanding that he be allowed to represent another team.

Benzema wrote "Noel, I thought you didn't interfere with the coach's decisions! You should know that I am the only one who will decide when my international career will end. If you think I'm done, let me play for another team and we'll see."


What teams can Karim Benzema play with?

Benzema is only qualified to play for the French national team because he has had a long career with the French first team, which means he cannot play for another team.

FIFA rules confirm this by saying that once a player plays one match with the first team of any country, he cannot play for another team.

In addition to France, Benzema could have represented Algeria's national team, due to his origins in terms of fatherhood and descent into Algeria.

At the beginning of Benzema's emergence in 2006, the Algerian Federation contacted him and tried to convince him to play for the Greens, but Benzema responded with clear words, saying then "Algeria is my father's country and in the heart of my heart, but I will play for the French national team."

At the same time, Djamel Belmadi, the Algerian coach, answered when asked if Benzema had the opportunity to play with Algeria now by saying, "I am very happy with the current players on the team list."

In addition to Algeria, if Benzema had not participated in France's first team, he could have acquired Spanish citizenship and played for Spain as a result of his long-time in Madrid.

Benzema has been living in Spain for more than 10 years, and according to Spanish law, this is enough time for him to apply for Spanish citizenship and can play for Spain in circumstances different from the present.


Is it possible that Karim Benzema will change the team he played for?

Unfortunately for Benzema, it is unlikely to happen in the near term, unless FIFA makes an exceptional decision in Benzema's favor only.

The fact that he has played in the French first team shirt for a long time makes it impossible to transfer his loyalty to another team following FIFA's global eligibility rules.

FIFA's position not to change the player's national team was supported by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)' when it refused to change Munir El Haddadi from representing Spain to morocco.

The former Barcelona player played only once for Spain in 2014 and wished to have the opportunity to represent the Moroccan national team, but FIFA also rejected the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Benzema has played 81 international appearances for France and scored 27 goals, a record that puts him among the top 10 scorers in French football history.

His last game was in 2015 against Armenia, in which he scored twice.

In general, according to FIFA rules, one case may allow him to change his international affiliation by losing French citizenship without his or her will or consent.

If this fails, it will require intervention from FIFA by making an extraordinary decision in his favor.

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