Rated each player in the middle of the 2019-20 season

Real Madrid is halfway through the season as they now look ahead to 2020 to continue fighting for all trophies.

Los Blancos currently find themselves in second place in La Liga while they need to be been drawn against English side Manchester City within the Round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League and can play Valencia in Saudi Arabia within the semifinals of the Spanish Supercup. In summary, Real Madrid is doing well and is during an excellent position to win silverware this season.

Having said that, how have the past six months gone? it's going to appear to be a really while ago but it had been just last summer that folks were already posing for Zinedine Zidane‘s sacking while the season started off clumsily before the team was finally ready to get on their feet.

In the league, Real Madrid is ready, to begin with, ten wins, seven draws, and one loss. The seven draws have hurt the team’s standing within the league as long as the last three matches led to stalemates against Valencia, Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao. However, that doesn’t mean that there's needing to stress as they squad prepares for a robust start to 2020. How has the season gone for them individually though?

Rated each player in the middle of the 2019-20 season

Grades begin with Goalkeepers

Thibaut Courtois: B

It may seem a touch harsh giving the towering Belgian a “B-” but albeit he has been in brilliant form during the past couple months, it’s difficult to forget how the season has gone for him before then. Courtois wasn’t even a shadow of himself during many of the games this season which lead many to wonder why he's the starting goalkeeper of this team once we could have easily kept Keylor Navas.

After the first-leg blunder against Club Brugge where Courtois was began at half time, the goalkeeper returned a few games later as a changed man once the international break was over. Since then, he has been a savior for the team and has cemented himself as someone that the squad, the manager and therefore the fans can calculate.

Alphonse Areola: B

Arriving on loan from PSG with Keylor Navas going the opposite way permanently, Alphonse Areola didn’t take too long to adapt. The French goalkeeper has been used more often than he may have expected and has done well whenever he played. With many wanting him to start before Courtois, we saw his rookie mistakes against Granada (a game we thankfully won) but overall, the player shouldn’t have too many regrets since his signing.

Rated each player in the middle of the 2019-20 season

The right backs

Dani Carvajal: C+

Not his best season far and away. Dani Carvajal is our greatest right-back and has the skillset to be one among the simplest within the world. However, he hasn’t always shown up to the games. The Spaniard has faced tons of problems whether defensively or offensively and there are repeatedly where he found difficulty making simple passes. it's been a confusing season thus far from him but he has shown us what he’s capable of and he has time to show this season around.

Alvaro Odriozola: D

Having are available at the start of the Julen Lopetegui era, tons were expected from Odriozola. albeit he has put in some strong performances last season, this season has been tons different for him. In his defense, he hasn’t been ready to play the maximum amount as he would wish to but whenever Zidane has called on him, the right-back was unable to impress. His speed and his vision when going forward are always an asset but his lack of defending ability whenever he has played this year has been extremely worrying. I don’t expect that he’ll be at the club for long, unfortunately, as long as Achraf Hakimi will probably be returning within the summer.

Rated each player in the middle of the 2019-20 season

The CBs
Sergio Ramos: B

Our captain and someone who has always put the team first which has not changed this season. the foremost important part of Sergio Ramos is his leadership and his presence on the pitch. Just by being there, the team is best and more motivated. However, if we are to specialize in him as a player, you never know what you’re getting to get. Even with all the experience under his belt, Ramos will occasionally begin with a really amateur challenge that hurts the team or get himself into positions that he knows he shouldn’t be in. That hasn’t changed either this year and it’s always a worry but that doesn't mean that he offers the team tons also.

Nacho Fernandez: B

With the purchases of Eder Militao and Ferland Mendy, Nacho has seen his presence on the pitch lessen quite a bit. When he finally got a run within the team thanks to injuries to Mendy and Marcelo, he did well, on the other hand, he got injured which saw him miss a few months before returning and impressing once more. He hasn’t played an excessive amount of thus far this season but whenever Zidane needed him, Nacho answered and that’s precisely the sort of player he has always been for this team.

Raphael Varane: A

A very strong few months from Raphael Varane. The Frenchman has been far and away from our greatest central defender this season and has continuously shown that he’s someone Real Madrid can calculate for the subsequent few years. Thankfully, the rumors of him leaving last summer were shot down after Zidane convinced him to remain at the club and since then, Varane has been absolutely immense whenever he played.

Eder Militao: B+

A new addition at the club, Eder Militao was the primary signing made since the return of Zidane. Unfortunately, the Brazilian hasn’t played much but he has played enough for us to understand what sort of player he's and the way much of an asset he's for the team. The manager obviously trusts him and therefore the center-back has put in some very solid performances thus far this year. because the season goes on, we'll definitely be seeing more of him.

Rated each player in the middle of the 2019-20 season

Left backs

Marcelo: B-

After a horrible 2018/2019 season, Marcelo has somewhat had a comeback this year under Zidane. The left-back has trained hard over preseason and has arrived at the 2019/2020 season during a far better condition. However, he's a liability ton of the days, particularly when defending. I do know that this has been a drag of his for a couple of years now but that isn’t an excuse. Offensively though, the Brazilian has been incredible most of the time.

Ferland Mendy: B

If I were to consider summarized thanks to explaining Ferland Mendy, I feel it might be by saying that he’s the other of Marcelo to a particular extent. Defensively, Mendy has proven himself to be extremely solid and he knows the way to use his speed to his advantage.

However, albeit he attacks well, his final touch is lacking and he sometimes looks confused about what he should do next. He’s still young though and these are things he can easily perfect with time. He has already shown considerable improvement from the start of the season until today. Having said that, it’ll be interesting to ascertain what Zidane has in mind this summer when it involves choosing between Marcelo, Mendy and Sergio Reguilon.

Rated each player in the middle of the 2019-20 season

Holding midfield

Carlos Casemiro: A

What a season Carlos Casemiro is having! The Brazilian has been arguably the foremost important piece of the puzzle for Zidane this season and that we can see how the team struggles without him around. His ability to carry down his position and make sure that not much goes past him may be a joy to observe. the sole worrying part is that because the season goes on, he will need rest to avoid fatigue and injury but that’s where we glance at the gem and the brightest light of the season.

Federico Valverde: A

Federico Valverde’s emergence into the primary team isn’t new. He was a part of the senior squad under Lopetegui and he has shown last season that he’s capable of battling it out with the simplest. This season though, the Uruguayan has proven himself and cemented his place within the Real Madrid squad.

He is a nightmare for oppositions and has helped prove that Zidane was right to stay him before Marcos Llorente. we will even go as far as saying that the pursuit of Paul Pogba shouldn’t be as necessary anymore. What a season he’s having and it only makes it tons more interesting to ascertain what lies ahead.

Rated each player in the middle of the 2019-20 season

Attacking midfield

Luka Modric: B

After a terrible campaign last season, Luka Modric has been questioned tons during the summer but whatever understanding the Croatian has with Zidane seems to be understood quite well. He hasn’t been a continuing starter for the team but whenever he has played, we were ready to see a rejuvenated Luka Modric. He hasn’t reached the heights he was at during the Ballon d’Or winning campaign, but he has been an enormous asset to the team this year.

Toni Kroos: A

There is a legitimate argument that says Toni Kroos has been our greatest player thus far this season and it’s very difficult to argue thereupon. Zidane places heavy importance on his midfielders and it’s good to ascertain that the bulk of them are beginning with excellent performances. the center of the pitch is controlled by Toni Kroos as he's ready to dictate the tempo of the game regardless of who the opponent is. Hopefully, the German can continue together with his form as we head towards the business end of the season.

Isco: C+

A very confusing season for Isco who appeared to be out of favor for a short time by Zidane until the second-leg match against Paris Saint-Germain saw him back within the starting lineup while we've seen quite a little bit of him since then.

However, we've reached past the purpose of how inconsistent Isco is. On his best day, the Spaniard is one among the simplest players to observe while the subsequent day he might be a liability to the team. Unfortunately, we've seen each side of Isco within the matter of a couple of weeks which are some very worrying things.

James Rodriguez: B-

This was a tough one to offer honestly. James Rodriguez returned from his two-year loan at Bayern Munich during the summer and he was expected to be sold but against all odds, the Colombian ended up staying at the club and was extremely impressive within the early months, giving Zidane no choice but to play him.

After a few average games and a lengthy injury, it's really hard to ascertain how James can fit back within the team. a really unlucky few months for the midfielder and it'll be interesting to ascertain how things choose him. One thing is needless to say though, if we were to sell him, there would definitely be buyers.

Rated each player in the middle of the 2019-20 season


Lucas Vazquez: C-

During Zidane’s first term responsible, Lucas Vazquez was a favorite for the French manager. However, together with his return to the team and other players within the squad like Rodrygo and Vinicius, things seem to possess changed. However, when he has been picked to play, the winger has been working tirelessly but unfortunately, his form hasn’t been great. Having said that, two things that I even have to commend Lucas on are his work rate and his professionalism. He will always give his all on the pitch which may be a great sight to ascertain.

Eden Hazard: B

I moved to a replacement country, a replacement league, a replacement-level, and new teammates. Mix that with the price and an injury at the start of the season, luck isn’t on your side. However, Eden Hazard was ready to overcome all of that as he was ready to be decisive for the team after a slow start to the season. Unfortunately, just when it seemed like he was hitting his best form, another injury has ruled him out until 2020.

Gareth Bale: C

The rumors of the summer haven't gone anywhere as Gareth Bale continuously finds himself on the front pages of the media outlets. He hasn’t had an excellent time within the past few months but he has done well whenever Zidane has decided to play him. There are times where the Welshman looks uninterested (not saying he's) while other times he is brilliant on the pitch.

Karim Benzema: A

What a season he’s having! Karim Benzema is halfway through the season because of the second-highest goalscorer within the league while he has been incredible whenever he’s on the pitch. The French striker has been cementing his place as an undisputed starter under Zidane and has continued to impress during every single game. It’s a touch weird to mention this, but at 32-years-old, Benzema has reached his peak over the past year and a half.

Vinicius Junior: B

He can roll in the hay all. He can make seasoned defenders appear as if amateurs, he can begin with bursting runs from out of nowhere and he can even dribble past three players within the opponent’s box. He just can’t score and albeit he’s young, it’s a touch worrying to ascertain just what proportion his final touch is lacking. The Brazilian features a lot before him then much time to learn. Once he’s ready to work on his finishing and decision-making, not many players can be picked before him.

Rated each player in the middle of the 2019-20 season

Future attacking stars

Luka Jovic: B-

A recent addition to the team after a fantastic season at Eintracht Frankfurt, Luka Jovic may have hoped that he had more to point out thus far. Unfortunately for him though, he’s going against Benzema who has been within the sort of his life.

Jovic has impressed overall when he has come on as a substitute and he’s extremely unlucky to not have more goals to his name but these are things which will accompany time and as long because the Serbian is in a position to remain patient, things are looking extremely bright for him.

Rodrygo Goes: B+

Just like Vinicius had a breakout first season when he received Real Madrid, an equivalent are often said for Rodrygo Goes. The young Brazilian is extremely impressive and has shown it time and time again regardless of who the opponent is.

There are times where you’ll see him dribble past players and move forward while other times he’s calmer and distributes the ball instead of a plan to choose one among his runs. His passing into the box and his finishing are the most two points that are focused on though as he's constantly compared to Vinicius, which has the potential to try to tons of harm for the 2 Brazilians.

Brahim Diaz: N/A

He has featured a few times but nowhere on the brink of enough for the Spaniard to possess a good rating. it'll be interesting to ascertain if he’s sent out on loan or even sold during the winter transfer window. I doubt Zidane would want to sell him but if the proper offer arrives, then anything is feasible.