5 reasons Real Madrid is a favorite to beat Barcelona in El Clásico

Fans and fans of football in general and Spanish football, in particular, are turning to the Camp Nou stadium to follow the Clásico land as some would like to name it, which will bring together Real Madrid and Barcelona next Wednesday in a game that has been postponed since the tenth round for security reasons.

Both teams are in the match with a goal of individuality at the top of the standings, where they now share the lead with 35 points for both, and the winner of the Clásico will be over the other by 3 points, while the situation will remain the same in the event of a draw.

There are many prominent elements of the two teams, which make each team a candidate to win at the expense of the other, and in this report, we will review the most prominent factors that make Real Madrid closest to the three points of the Camp Nou despite the difficult task: -

Real Madrid want revenge with Zidane

Indeed, Zinedine Zidane has already lost more than Clásico, but he also beat Barcelona on more than one occasion, and there is a strong desire among Real Madrid players to avenge what happened last season after receiving three defeats and a single draw in their four matches.

Real Madrid stars regained the confidence with Zidane that they enjoyed in the first term of the French coach, and we see the team playing in a fighting spirit until the last minute, which was missing Real Madrid last season, which is an important reason that made the latter more willing to win this meeting, the question is pal The Real Madrid players are not just 3 points, but a match to show the new character that leads them throughout the season.

Federico Valverde password in Real Madrid

Why did we choose this player specifically even though there are so many big stars in Real Madrid? The reason is very simple, which is that Barcelona has never faced Real Madrid with their new combination in midfield, which is the element of surprise for the French coach.

Valverde is the player that Real Madrid needs in The Clásico, because it presses a lot, and does not allow the opponent to get out the ball easily, unlike Luka Modrić, as Barcelona misses such a player in the midfield, so will give the Uruguayan star a tactical advantage for Zidane, and maybe the password in the game.

Real Madrid can never be expected

We can easily find out which squad will play in the Clásico from Barcelona, and Zidane will be well prepared before the match, but the task will be more difficult for Ernesto Valverde who does not know how Zidane plays, will he adopt a plan 4-3-3 with the presence of Vinicius and Rodrigo? Or that Gareth Bale will play in place of a Brazilian player, and perhaps rely on Isco or Luka Modric to add a fourth player in the midfield, there are many options for the French coach despite the injuries that hit the Real Madrid team, and therefore it is not easy to prepare for the plan that Zizou will play.

Real Madrid are better off than Barcelona at the moment

Barcelona has indeed improved a lot in recent times, but the level of the team is still fluctuating, sometimes it offers a big and impressive match, and at other times it appears disappointingly as it happened against Real Sociedad, so it is very possible to see Barcelona present a bad match against Real Madrid.

On the other hand, Real Madrid are going through a special period on the psychological level, even when it falters as happened against Valencia and Paris Saint-Germain, but we feel that the team is playing with a high fighting spirit and ferocity, and in most of the recent games he has performed well overall, and this is an important reason to give him a simple advantage over Barcelona.

Barcelona's disastrous defense

You can imagine that Barcelona has conceded 20 goals in La Liga this season, and 31 teams in the Major Leagues have conceded fewer goals than this number, a figure that shows how much the team suffers defensively.

Barcelona's defensive system has many problems, and the problem lies mainly from the weakness of the midfield in the coverage, and the vast space we see in front of the midfield quartet that Sergio Busquets is unable to cover alone.

Real Madrid is one of the most motivated teams that create opportunities on goal in Europe, and with the fragility of Barcelona's defense, the task of the royal team's strikers will be very easy to reach the penalty area and remains only the element of decisiveness in front of goal and the success needed by the men of coach Zinedine Zidane in the Clásico to come up with points Three.