A swap deal with Real Madrid for Gareth Bale on tottenham cards

Tottenham might be inching closer to an affect Real Madrid that might see Christian Eriksen and a suitcase of money head to Spain reciprocally for Gareth Bale.

This rumor isn’t dead yet, with El Desmarque reigniting chatter about Bale’s prospective return to north London. Both Eriksen and Bale have fallen out of favor with their parent clubs, allowing the prospect of the swap deal.

Bale’s tenure at Madrid is not any longer tenable and is trying to find an out as quickly as possible. he's keen on Jose Mourinho, and even more amenable to return to the club where it all started.

Tottenham could make the financials work, too, although it might certainly stretch their budget. but, Toby Alderweireld recently signed a contract extension to 2023, during which he’ll reportedly make about £150 000 per year. It’s the dawn of a replacement era for Tottenham, who will need to start competing with other financial juggernauts if they need to stay amongst the Premier League’s best.

The main roadblock to getting this deal over the line is Bale’s weekly salary, which sees him earn about £250,000. Eriksen is merely on £80,000 per week, leaving a huge gulf.

Bale has recovered fully from recurring injuries that plagued him over recent years but remains to get to cost Spurs a reasonable penny if they intend on bringing the club legend back for his twilight years.

Transfermarkt.com, even after Eriksen’s extended poor run of form, has his market worth set at £75 million, an outrageously swollen amount. If I were a betting man, I can’t see Eriksen going for quite £40 or £50 million.

Even that seems a stretch after watching his continued listless performances over the past six months. but, I wouldn’t be surprised if the old, vintage Eriksen reawakens with a replacement team during a new environment.