Real Madrid and Athletic Bilbao

Best and worst in Real Madrid and Athletic Bilbao

Real Madrid drew with Athletic Bilbao negatively in the 18th round of la Liga, to continue the series of draws in the last period.

Although Real Madrid dominated the game, they failed to translate that risk into a goal that earned them the points of the match.

Together we review the best and the worst in the game.

Great Man Unai Simón

The Athletic Bilbao goalkeeper made a big game and played a big part in his team's win from the heart of Santiago bernabéu.

The 22-year-old goalkeeper faced many of the chances achieved by Real Madrid players and frustrated more than one attack, perhaps the most dangerous of which was Benzema's own in the first half.

The Spanish goalkeeper managed to tackle eight balls in the total, leading his team to 28th place in the standings.

Disappointing man Gareth Bale.

The Real Madrid player, like Gareth Bale's habits, did not offer much in the game but only one shot did not pose a sufficient risk on the goal of Atletico Bilbao, and did not appear as expected in the form of his entry in the middle of the second half but did not provide the required level.

Because of the player's slowness in the second half, he did not give the attacking addition to Real Madrid even after he got a new chance from Zinedine Zidane.