Real Madrid issued a statement to comment on the arbitration in The Clásico

Royal protests over match referee

Real Madrid issued a statement to comment on the clásico refereeing against Barcelona on Wednesday evening after protesting against the failure to count two penalty kicks for his interest in the game.

The meeting between Real Madrid and Barcelona ended in a negative draw at the Camp Nou, continuing to participate in the top of the Spanish league standings after 17 rounds.

Real Madrid published a statement to talk about the controversial cases as he described it, saying: "The French player "Varane" could have received two penalty kicks but Hernández did not count either of them."

He added: "In the 17th minute, Varane went to play a corner but Lenglet ran over his thigh, but neither the referee or the video considered it a penalty ticket."

The statement continued: "Two minutes later and from another corner, the defender was attracted by Ivan Rakitic, which dropped him inside the box, but also the referee and the video did not intervene."

Sergio Ramos, the royal captain, protested in remarks after the match that he did not count what he considered to be two clear penalty kicks for Real Madrid.

It is noteworthy that the game also saw the cancellation of a goal by Gareth Bale for sneaking on the player who passed the ball Verland Mendy, during the second half of the Clásico.