Javier Tebas is close to renewing his presidency of La Liga

Tebas continues in office. What's the position of Rubiales?

Javier Tebas, president of the Spanish League, came close to taking over for a new term after resigning from him a few days ago to run again

This comes just 24 hours before the Clásico, where Real Madrid will host a heavy guest at Camp Nou tomorrow night to face Barcelona in the postponed conflict which will draw the features of the first round of la Liga.

He was first elected president of la Liga in April 2013 before his term expired this month.

The submission of the papers runs until 8 p.m., and press sources have learned that Tebas will provide assurances for the formalization of his new mandate.

Tebas's nomination will support 25% of the league's full members and is expected to win it by acclamation because there are no other candidates.

If there are other candidates, the elections will take place on January 13, 2020.

Tebas had been involved in several clashes with the president of the Spanish Football Federation Luis Rubiales because of the establishment of la Liga matches outside Spain.