Valverde: We have the same motivations for Real Madrid and we have developed a plan to monitor Benzema

Highlights of Valverde's press conference ahead of The Classico Real Madrid and Barcelona

Fc Barcelona's manager Ernesto Valverde said that the equal points between the Catalan team and Real Madrid make the Clásico a special character.

Real Madrid will host a heavy-duty guest at the Camp Nou tomorrow night to face Barcelona in the postponed Clásico match, which will draw the features of the first round of la Liga.

Before the match, Ernesto Valverde, the Catalan manager, said that the season is still long and nothing will be determined by the face of Real Madrid despite its great importance.

He added: "I want to get out of the game as a leader of the league and a winner, especially since it is the first confrontation that the two teams enter equal points in many years."

"If the game had been played in the last two months, it would have been even, and now it is, too, there is no team that benefits from the postponement and is not affected by the dependency."

On insurance, he said: "I'm not worried about this, there are some minor changes but it's not a cause for concern, Barcelona have faced several teams lately and played many important games without anything happening."

As for meeting Zidane and sitting with him in the same hotel, the Barcelona manager said: "Let's see if Zinedine Zidane and I will meet or not, but it will be difficult for the two coaches or players to meet before the game."

He confirmed: "Of course we got the advantage of taking an extra 24 hours to rest for Real Madrid, where they played on Sunday evening and we played on Saturday evening, but this happened before and Real Madrid benefited from it and we were the ones who got less rest, in football these things are repeated a lot."

"Karim Benzema is a special player who has been playing a great game in the recent period, it will be a difficult encounter, but we have made a plan to stop him," he said.

On Hazard's absence or participation, he said: "We have to develop a plan that can be shared under any circumstances and in all probability, our hopes cannot be pinned in the absence of a player or participation."

Real Madrid lost by five goals to one last season in their last visit to Barcelona in connection with la Liga competitions.