Highlights of Zidane's speech to Perez and Real Madrid players on the occasion of Christmas

Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane said in a message to the players, management, and fans because of Christmas that the aspirations within the royal club revolve around 2020 being the year of success.

Real Madrid ended 2019 with two draws against Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao, in a year in which they did not achieve any championship and all the results were negative after three consecutive seasons in the Champions League.

Zinedine Zidane said the holiday period is an opportunity for the players to catch their breath after a grueling year and after months in which everyone has made a double effort.

"We will do our best in 2020 to achieve the successes that we hope next year will be the year we will return to the podium again."

"We want to continue with the new dynamic that allows us to compete on more than one front, we will always put the masses and their happiness ahead of us to motivate and do everything we can."

Florentino Pérez spoke about Real Madrid's values and efforts in more than 80 countries, stressing his desire for next year to be a year of success.

Real Madrid started the season disappointingly and finished last season, but has recovered from the performance and results in the last two months.