Carvajal: I yearn to play El Clásico and Mbabi deserve Real Madrid

Learn about Carvajal's statements about Classico, Mbappé, and Bale

Real Madrid's Dani Carvajal confirmed that his team is not interested in the news about the postponement of the Clásico or the security crises in the territory of Catalonia, pointing out that his goal is to win only in the meeting.

"We are calm about the security crisis of the match and we only wish for safety for all," Carvajal said in remarks quoted by the Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo. We will play wherever they are and our current focus is on facing Valencia, a match as important as the Clásico."

He continued: "We will get a break of fewer hours than that spent by Barcelona which highlights the need to focus on the valencia game and try to get out well and maintain the physical condition of the Clásico."

The Real Madrid right-back spoke of Gareth Bale's crisis and his offensive celebration of Real Madrid: "The media has given the news more attention than its size, we don't care what happened and everyone loves Bale."

"Kylian Mbappé is one of the best players in the world and it will be great to come to Real Madrid where the best is always there."

It is worth mentioning that coach Zinedine Zidane confirmed in previous statements that mbappé's dream is to play for Real Madrid.