The El Clasico threat continues and Catalonia's exiled president intervenes.


The "Democratic Tsunami" group publishes a new statement explaining its demands for Barcelona to let the Clásico in front of Real Madrid pass peacefully.

The "Democratic Tsunami" group has revealed in its new requests to leave the Clásico match between Barcelona and Real Madrid going without problems.

In a statement published by the group, the group confirmed that all they are looking for is to allow them to reach their voice through a sign inside the Camp Nou stands.

"It's very easy if you want the game to be played without problems, ensure that there are signs (Spain, sit down and talk) in the stands and inside the stadium, this is our offer for Barcelona," the group wrote in a statement.

The former President of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont, exiled in Burkcell, intervened and wrote in a tweet: "Important: On December 18, the Democratic Tsunami Group will continue its movement for freedom and democracy, so independence will be, and the whole world must hear that Spain is trying to Suppress, threaten and silence dissenting voices."

Yesterday, the group announced that a demonstration had been held on the roads leading to Camp Nou stadium four hours before the match because the team had rejected their requests.

This is not the first of its kind by this group, as they had previously closed a vital road for several hours between Spain and France in early November.

The movement is seeking to draw the attention of the international community to its desire to sit at the negotiating table with the Spanish government to talk about the recent and repeated arrests of several leaders in Catalonia.

A large number of leaders of the recent referendum on the province's independence were sentenced to prison terms for organizing the referendum without government approval.

The Clásico had al-Clásico postponed due to violence in the province days before the match for the same reasons.

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