Real Madrid Conference | Zidane: Bale cannot be banned from playing golf

Real Madrid Conference | Zidane: Bale cannot be banned from playing golf

What did Zidane say at the Espanyol match press conference?

Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid head coach, has confirmed that he will not be able to prevent Gareth Bale from playing golf and has spoken of the many injuries in his team.

"Bale can't be banned from playing golf, he's a grown man and knows how to behave," Zidane said in remarks at the press conference. He suffered an injury against Deportivo Alavés but he only felt it two days later and did not train well and will not be available against Espanyol."

He continued: "Hazard injury was more serious than we expected and we will try to do everything we have to do to get him back quickly and so is Marcelo and Bale. No coach wishes his players to be injured, but it is inevitable."

Zidane advised the players to get a good rest, sleep deep and eat healthy meals to avoid muscle injuries, explaining that this is what his team players do and wishes the medical staff to treat them quickly.

He continued: "Facing Espanyol will not be easy because it is a team that does not want to waste any point in order to save itself from relegation and it is a strong team and plays in front of us at a great level."

On the possibility of giving Vinícius Júnior a chance, he explained: "This is not only Vinícius time but everyone will participate. We also have Ferland Mendy, who has adapted quickly but needs to learn Spanish better."

He concluded: "Casemiro has 4 yellow cards and we hope he does not get the fifth for the end of the season so as not to miss any meeting of the team. At the same time, I'm only interested in winning the next games and maintaining an upward trend."

It is worth mentioning that Real Madrid equal points with Barcelona after 14 meetings per team but Barcelona is top of the table with a goal difference.

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