Royston Drenthe: From Real Madrid to Rap and Third Division

Royston Drenthe: From Real Madrid to Rap and Third Division

The story of a player who fell from the top of the ball to the bottom at a crazy speed.

On normal match days, the Kozakken Boys will be lucky to have more than 2,000 fans come to watch it in the Dutch Third Division. Here in the south of the Netherlands, where you can now find Royston Drenthe, who plays without any pressure and a smile that never leaves his life, although he was once standing shoulder with the shoulder of the best footballers.

Real Madrid decided to include the player in 2007 after winning the European Under-21 Championship, in which he won the best player award, from which there were expectations that he would be the next star in the world of football.

Let's fly 10 years later and find the player with a distinctive left foot has announced his retirement after a fluctuating up-and-down career that in nearly 10 years saw him insult former Everton coach David Moyes and accuse Lionel Messi of racism.

By the time the 32-year-old has returned to football, his promising career has shaped his path differently.

Having emerged as a star with Feyenoord and cementing his position as a rising star playing for his country's Under-21 stake, it did not take long to attract the attention of many big clubs.

"I heard that 16 clubs were interested in me, and I spoke with former Barcelona president Joan Laporta, and with Mijatović, the former Real Madrid sporting director," the player told FourFourTwo magazine.

"I felt like I met almost every high-ranking official at every club. Most of them offered me a five-year contract with roughly the same conditions or less."

"As soon as I heard that Real Madrid was interested, I immediately agreed. When I was a kid, I was fascinated by everything around Madrid, and the magic surrounding the club, as shown in Jules, was something I wanted to be a part of."


Drenthe signed for Real Madrid for 14 million euros, and made his debut for the club against Sevilla in the Super Cup and soon left his mark by scoring a brilliant equalizer from a long-range shot.
Although he found himself surrounded by some of the biggest names in football, the young Dutchman soon settled down and became a quick friend of his teammates.

"I immediately felt like I was at home, and everyone greeted me with a warm welcome, Guti was great with me right away, he was a legend in Madrid, and my relationship with Robinho developed well soon after I went home, where He turned the basement into a nightclub," he said.

Unfortunately for Drenthe, Marcelo's arrival in 2009 reduced his chances of playing, to be loaned to Hercules in 2010, and then another loan to Everton, but both experiences were unsuccessful.

Even when his career began to shine in England with Everton, he got into a major disagreement with Moyes coach after he was late to attend a team meeting before the England Cup semi-final.

"I was waiting outside the meeting room while I had to go into the room quietly and sit on one of the chairs," the player told the story of what happened.

"Later, after I entered the room late, Moyes reprimanded me, asking me to leave, and he said, "Come on, get out of here." I may have accepted what he had done, but then I responded with the same rebuke."
"Then I left for holland and didn't come back."

At that time, the player did not return to Madrid, where his contract expired in June 2012 and left Real Madrid to find a new club.

The player did not find a club to accept for 8 months during which he stayed away from playing, then joined Spartak Vladikavkaz Russian club and stays with him for a very short period, where he scored three goals in his six games for the club, from which he moved to Reading FC for one season and then was loaned Sheffield Wednesday.

The Dutchman's experiences in the Premier League also did not work, forcing him to take a short experience at The Kayserispor Turkish club for six months, and then another experience in the UAE before deciding in 2016 to move away from football and the direction to sing.

The player found his happiness, which he missed in the world of football in singing and released several songs "Hip hop", and rap under the name Roya2Faces.

"I've always loved music," Drenthe told BBC Sport. When I'm happy, I listen to music, and when I'm sad, I listen to music too. It always gives me a good feeling."

"I was making music, but it's hard to say that I was focusing on one thing. I was interested in a lot of different things."

Just 18 months later, Drenthe put the microphone on the side and tied the shoe to get back into football when he signed a contract with Dutch team Rotterdam at the time.

The player showed flashes of his past and contributed to the rise of the club by scoring 5 goals and making 6 crucial passes despite playing all the time at the left-back.

Despite climbing to the Premier League, he decided to distance himself from the pressures of the first level in the Netherlands, instead, he decided to play for the Kozakken Boys in the third division.

Although he has only appeared three times in the league this season, Drenthe has scored two goals, showing he can still contribute to the pitch.

Although the lights at Kozakken Stadium are not comparable to the Santiago Bernabéu, Drenthe is perfectly happy with everything that has happened in his career and lives his life the way he decided for himself. Enjoy football without being under pressure.

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