Valencia coach praises Zidane ahead of Real Madrid today

Valencia coach praises Zidane ahead of Real Madrid today

Albert Celades, valencia's technical director, paid tribute to French legend Zinedine Zidane, who is currently the coach of his La Liga rival Real Madrid, at the top of the 17th round.

Celades, in remarks quoted by the Spanish newspaper Marca, said: "As a player, he was one of the best in history, and that is the same as a coach."

Zidane and Celades played together while at Real Madrid

The coach, who leads Valencia to good results this season, pointed out that the difficult European qualification at the expense of Ajax to play alongside Zidane when they were players at Real Madrid, and said: "We spent a lot of time together at Real Madrid, and we have a good relationship."

Celades continued, "I only have good talk about him, he is always a very respectable person," and referred to the talk about the game, and said: "Real Madrid at their best during the season, we have to trust our ability, they come to Mestalla (Valencia stadium) to play a game against a big team."

The Valencia manager pointed to the pressure that will be put on Real Madrid players, and said: "The pressure will be on them to win for their fans around the world, but they are used to situations like this."

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