Why didn't Real Madrid sign Eriksen?

Why didn't Real Madrid sign Eriksen?

It's all over, and we won't see Christian Eriksen in a Real Madrid shirt as a large crowd had hoped for all the time, the player officially signed inter Milan on Tuesday on a four-and-a-half-year contract with a deal of just 20 million euros.

Eriksen has been linked with a move to Real Madrid for the past two years, and some saw it as a suitable option to succeed Luka Modric, who is aging, and the demands for his contract in the current winter Mercato have increased as his contract with Tottenham expires soon, and the deal could be resolved by an amount Little after the player's price was estimated at 100 million two years ago.

Zinedine Zidane turned a blind eye to the contract with Eriksen last summer, and despite giving up Dani Ceballos and Marcos Llorente, he did not include any new midfielder and bet on his pentagram, and continued to hold on to his point of view in the current Mercato as well and allowed Inter Milan to win the player's services.

There are many question marks as to why Real Madrid ignored the contract deal with Eriksen although the task was very easy under the player's desire to do so, and the price will not exceed 20 million, and there are 3 main points answering this question: -

Zidane does not want a new reserve player at Real Madrid

Before the Valladolid match, Zinedine Zidane stated that he has many players on the bench who are able to make the addition at any time, which is true and can never be questioned, even with the injuries suffered by the team in the past period, we were watching the exclusion of players like Ibrahim Diaz and Mariano and Sometimes Vinicius is fully off the list, sending them to follow the matches from the stands, which shows how much momentum the French coach has.

Some will say that Eriksen has a higher quality than some of the players in the team, and he deserves to play basically, and although I have a great difference with the supporters of this opinion, even if the Danish star reserves a key seat, this will be a big percentage at the expense of the highly brilliant Federico Valverde, which means that there is a great player He will sit on the bench, and this will increase the pressure on the French coach.

Zidane will not betray Isco and Modric

Having contributed mainly to the recovery of Isco and Luka Modric to their usual level in the last two months, it is illogical to sign a new player that will reduce their chances of playing significantly during the second part of the season, especially Isco, who is seeking to participate in Euro 2020 with the S Banya, needs to play as regularly as possible.

Zidane restored confidence to Modric, Isco and many other players, and therefore does not want to withdraw them suddenly and without reason to contract with Eriksen, especially since the performance of the duo is very excellent in the recent period, meaning that the arrival of the Danish star will not be as much additional as some imagine, where there was He needed it when most midfielders were going through performance breaks.

As we have always said, Zidane continues the policy of maintaining a good relationship with the players and unifying the ranks in the dressing room to win titles, and he sees this as the most important weapon he has especially at the moment, so he does not want to disrupt the system that is going well and include a new element that may spoil everything he has done in the months Past.

Zidane still wants to include Pogba. Or van de Beek

Real Madrid's contract with Christian Eriksen means that the club will be content with this deal to strengthen the midfield, and it is impossible for Florentino Pérez to agree to enter into negotiations with Manchester United next summer to sign French star Paul Pogba strongly wanted by coach Zinedine Zidane.

Zidane preferred to postpone the midfielder's reinforcement deal until next summer to have plenty of time to negotiate with the player he wants on the one hand and convince the club's management of Real Madrid's demands even if they are expensive, and on the other hand, the future of some players has become clearer such as Luka Modric and Isco.

Even if Real Madrid did not sign Pogba, Zinedine Zidane seems to prefer Ajax's van de Beek over Eriksen and, according to many sources, the Danish star was the third choice for Zidane last summer after Pogba and van de Beek.

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