Real Madrid meets with Jovic and warns him of an upcoming danger!

Real Madrid meets with Jovic and warns him of an upcoming danger!

Serbian striker Luka Jović, the Real Madrid player, met with royal club officials behind closed doors, Spanish network Defensa Central reported on Thursday.

Defensa Central indicated that the Real Madrid management is happy to work with Jović despite not scoring goals in his first season at the Royal Club.

Advice for Jović to avoid the next danger at Real Madrid

Real Madrid manager Jović told the meeting not to care about the whistles of disdain or criticism of some Santiago Bernabéu fans in the stands and the management indicated that this was part of a systematic campaign of journalism working against Real Madrid.

The management pointed out to Jović that he has full confidence and that his criticism and receiving whistles of disdain is not something new at the club and happened before with Gareth Bale, Vinicius, and even Cristiano Ronaldo.

The royal club demanded the former player of Eintracht Frankfurt German to take the French Karim Benzema as his example, where the French rooster lived a complicated period in the stage of adapting to Real Madrid before he began to change his reality and turn into a serial killer in front of the goal of competitors in real shirts.

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