The result of the Real Madrid match today. Even in Saudi Arabia, he's not here, Valencia.

"Not here, Valencia", the famous sentence of Arab sports commentator Fares Awad, while commenting on the last encounter between Real Madrid and Valencia in the Spanish Super Cup, in 2008. The royal club then achieved a historic Remontada with nine players and a 4-2 victory over the bat.

The days passed, and Faris Awad returned to comment on another Spanish super match between Real Madrid and Valencia at the start of 2020 and repeated his famous phrase "Not here, Valencia", even in Saudi Arabia.

Real Madrid achieved a precious victory over Valencia 3 goals to one, in the confrontation between the two teams at the King Abdullah City Stadium, in the semi-finals of the Spanish Super Cup, which is held in its new form in Saudi Arabia.

Real Madrid climbed to the final, waiting for the winner of the other clash between Barcelona and Atlético Madrid.

The result of Real Madrid's match today against Valencia in the Spanish Super In Saudi Arabia

Real Madrid entered the game strongly, and German Toni Kroos scored the goal to advance in a surprise from a corner he played directly into the bat.

Isco added the second goal more impressively in the 39th minute, after a cross-ground ball from Carvajal on the right side, reached Luka Modric who hit the ball, hit the ball, hit one of the defenders, and bounced back to Isco who wonderfully received the ball and shot it accurately in the keeper of Valencia.

Real Madrid continued their impressive symphony in the second half, and in the 65th minute of the second half, Isco passed the ball to his teammate Luka Jović in the rear, who passed it quickly to Modric, received the ball and shot the outside foot in a more wonderful way than valencia's net.

Seconds before the end, Valencia scored their only goal through Parejo from a penalty kick in the 91st minute.