Notes from Real Madrid's victory over Zaragoza .. Zidane begins the second stage

Notes from Real Madrid's victory over Zaragoza .. Zidane begins the second stage

Real Madrid took another step in their journey in the Copa del Rey, after a landslide victory over Real Zaragoza with a clean four away home, to climb to the round of 8 and wait for their next opponent, who will be revealed in the draw next Friday.

Zinedine Zidane made changes to the line-up as expected, to relieve stars such as Casemiro, Luka Modrić, Karim Benzema, Rodrigo, and Ferland Mendy, and to give replacements the likes of Vinícius, Luka Jović, and Lucas Vázquez.

Real Madrid did not suffer in today's match despite the many opportunities created by the owners of the land, some of which were the result of the absence of Casemiro and playing with an offensive line-up, and the team slackened a bit after the comfortable progress of the result as well, and undoubtedly the early goal made things easier for the players.

Although it is only a match in the early rounds of the Cup, and in front of a team playing in the second division, there are some important observations that we conclude from this meeting, which are as follows:

Zidane plans the second stage in Real Madrid development

We have seen a great development at Real Madrid since the beginning of the season and until now, Zidane has worked to address many defensive mistakes, and focused more on the mobility of the players and their activity after a very lazy season with Lopetegui and Solari, as he made important changes in the plan and squad made his team one of the hardest teams defensively in Europe over the past two months.

Defensive toughness and tactical strength pushed Real Madrid's tax in some games because it limited a lot of its usual offensive strength, especially in light of the decline in the level of strikers objectively, and the team almost lost some matches had it not been for the fact that defenders and midfielders took over the task of scoring goals In the net.

Zidane knows that he can not compete with the big teams with the weapon of defense only because there are some teams have a terrifying attack capable of penetrating any defense like Manchester City and Barcelona and many potential opponents in the Champions League, or maybe one of the players makes an individual mistake that causes him to receive a goal difficult to compensate, as  This is not the usual style at Real Madrid and players cannot adhere to it for a long time if there is no offensive balance in return.

From today's game, we saw Zidane start planning for the second time, which is to develop the offensive line, and play with a very impulsive line-up to see the possible results and consequences after he ensured that his tactical ideas in the defensive process became fully implemented, and there became a clear tactical approach in this aspect.

The changes were indeed aimed at relieving the key players, but Zidane also wanted to watch his team play with a purely offensive plan, so he introduced James Rodríguez with a trio in the forward line, and only two players in the midfield axis, apart from involving Marcelo very weak defensively especially in recent times.

Zidane succeeded in his goal to come up with a big result with this combination, without receiving any goal, which is a first step in the second phase, because we must take into account the number of great opportunities created by the opponent, and the spaces that appeared in the back.

Luka Jović does not understand the way real Madrid is played

In just a quarter of an hour, Karim Benzema was able to do everything Luka Jović failed throughout his time on the pitch, the Serbian striker wasted a new opportunity given to him by the French coach, which not only failed to score, but also by not participating in the game first, and his lack of enthusiasm and desire to prove the same He's second.

We feel that Luka Jović is shy on the pitch, whether by movements or by asking the ball or even when he acquires it, and this type of players never succeed in a club the size of Real Madrid, if he does not motivate himself, give up his fear, and fight every minute he gets, his fate will be out of the club certainly, and he retreats step back in his career.

Zidane wants the Real Madrid striker to be the centerpiece of the team in the process of building the attack, to put pressure on the defenders without laziness and, most importantly, to create harmony with the other strikers who play with him, which Luka Jović did not do in today's game and most of the other games.

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