Real Madrid transfer news: Ceballos despair and James refuse to loan

Real Madrid transfer news: Ceballos despair and James refuse to loan

Learn about Real Madrid news on Wednesday, January 29, 2020, and what are the latest deals and players candidates to join Zidane's battalion in the winter 2020 transfer market?

Real Madrid made a very strong transfer market last summer, where he contracted with a big star such as Belgian Eden Hazard and strengthened the offensive line strongly by combining some of the distinctive talents expected to be significant in the coming years such as Brazilian Rodrygo coming from Santos and Serbian Luka Jović jewel Eintracht Former Frankfurt, but the team still suffers from some offensive sterility after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo

After the end of the first half of the season can identify the problems of the royal team in several centers, the most important of which is the center of the field and the center of the striker, despite the great effort provided by Karim Benzema, but the team still needs a striker who can raise the rate of goals more, especially in light of the fierce competition on the Spanish league this season with Barcelona in addition to the Champions League

In the same context, the Spanish press pointed out that there are talks between Zinedine Zidane and Florentino Pérez about some deals in the winter transfer market needed by Real Madrid

In this report, we will review with you the news of Real Madrid transfers on Wednesday, January 29, 2020, and what are the interests of the monarchy in this period, before the winter transfer market

Real Madrid news in the transfer market on Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Dani Ceballos despairs of Arsenal 

The Spanish player Dani Ceballos of Arsenal spoke about his discomfort in being in the team under the leadership of Mikel Arteta not convinced within his strategy in the team during the second half of the season.

Real Madrid's management has a strong desire to keep the player longer in the Premier League, especially with their desire to sign Paul Pogba, but Arsenal does not want to buy the player's contract yet.

James Rodríguez plans to leave once and for all 

Some Spanish newspapers announced that Colombian star James Rodríguez spoke with the Real Madrid management about his departure on loan until the end of the season, expressing his total rejection of the departure in this way.

James Rodríguez wants to leave Real Madrid for the Premier League under Carlo Ancelotti at Everton but has not reached a solution with Real Madrid so far.

Luka Jović's position with Real Madrid 

The position of Serbian player Luka Jović became very ambiguous during the winter transfer market period after he was made several offers by Chelsea as well as Tottenham, but the Real Madrid management rejected these offers.

The former Eintracht Frankfurt star I think he will have a role in what is coming but he is still on the bench with Zidane and with the end of the winter Mercato the player could lose the entire season in light of the difficulty of competing as he comes to Real Madrid.

Arsenal enter signing race with James Rodríguez 

Arsenal entered the race of clubs wishing to contract with The Colombian star James Rodríguez, the Real Madrid player nominated to leave either in the winter Mercato or the future summer transfer market.

Everton coach Carlo Ancelotti was the first to wish to sign the player but the Real Madrid management are sticking to the player until they reach the final decision on Gareth Bale because they will not be able to give up the duo in one season.

It is worth mentioning that James Rodríguez does not aspire to be very much present within Real Madrid and is considering the offers made to him to reach the final decision to leave.

Paris Saint-Germain will never sell Kylian Mbappé

French press sources said that Paris Saint-Germain will not sell young striker Kylian Mbappé no matter how much the money offered to join him.

Kylian Mbappé has hinted at his desire to move to Real Madrid through successive statements praising Zinedine Zidane, who in turn is praising him.

The newspaper added that Real Madrid will not be able to repeat what he did with Eden Hazard and before him Toni Kroos, i.e. the exploitation of one year remaining in his contract to pressure the management to sell him for a small fee.

The reason for this is that Paris Saint-Germain has decided not to accept any offer for Kylian Mbappé even if he does not agree to renew his contract.

No other deals in January after Reinier Jesus

Reports from the Spanish press have confirmed that Real Madrid's activity in the current winter transfer market has ended after contracting Reinier Jesus from Flamengo of Brazil.

According to reports, Real Madrid does not intend to make any further deals and are content with what they have done so far as Zidane is convinced that his list of players is complete.

There are also few chances of a player on the roster leaving, and Real Madrid is likely to continue their season with the same list without leaving any players.

Tottenham negotiate with Real Madrid on Gareth Bale

Tottenham officials are still dreaming of getting Gareth Bale's services, and negotiations between the English club and Real Madrid have already begun.

But it faces a real crisis of the very high salary of the Welsh international.

Besides, Real Madrid does not mind his departure but requires a fairly large financial fee, while the player's contract at the Santiago Bernabéu expires in the summer of 2022.

Karim Benzema is on his way to renew his contract with Real Madrid

Spanish newspapers reported that Karim Benzema is about to renew his contract with Real Madrid in the next few days.

Karim Benzema is one of the most important players in coach Zinedine Zidane's squad despite all the criticism he has received in recent years.

Florentino Pérez would like to ensure that the French international continues for as long as possible at Real Madrid, and this renewal will be a lifetime contract for Karim Benzema at the Santiago Bernabéu until he decides to retire.

Valencia interested in Dani Ceballos

Valencia is seeking Dani Ceballos services in the next few hours on loan until the end of the season.

Ceballos has been having difficult days at Arsenal since Mikel Arteta arrived at Arsenal training, having not played in a game since.

Real Madrid is on their way to cut the player's loan to the Emirates Stadium, and Valencia is the most prominent interested in joining him to give him the chance to participate in Euro 2020 as he dreams.

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