Zidane is still learning from his mistakes and leading Real Madrid to the right path

Zidane is still learning from his mistakes and leading Real Madrid to the right path

Day after day, French legend Zinedine Zidane proves that he learns from his mistakes very quickly, making him achieve figures and fabulous achievements in his coaching record, which is still in his starting form.

Real Madrid secured a hard-fought 2-1 victory over Sevilla in Saturday's match at the Santiago Bernabéu, in the 20th round of the Spanish Premier League.

Real Madrid temporarily leads the la Liga table with 43 points, three points ahead of runners-up Barcelona, who will face Granada on Sunday.

Zidane's mistakes in Real Madrid's match against Sevilla

We can split the game into two parts, a disastrous first half for Real Madrid in which Zidane made countless mistakes, both in the basic form, the way he played and the form in which all the players appeared on the pitch. Except for only one player, you can easily guess his name.

Absences and different circumstances affected some of the selections in the starting line-up, following the absence of Sergio Ramos due to injury and Federico Valverde due to suspension.
Zidane will enter the game in a 4-3-3 game with the following combination: Courtois - Carvajal - Militão - Varane - Marcelo - Casemiro - Kroos - Modrić - Vázquez - Rodrygo - Jović.

It seems that Zidane did not study the opponent well, after playing two super games with five players in the middle of the field, returned to play only three with the absence of Valverde, and sat Isco on the bench.

Modifying the way he played lost control of the ball in the middle of the field, it was possible to exploit the situation reached by Isco and continued to push him in the basic formation, especially with the lack of offensive solutions that made him start with a player not fully ready after returning from injury "Vázquez", and the other is still young and not He can be relied on alone in leading the attack "Rodrygo", and the third Luka Jović looks like a 38-year-old big player and plays "on the stand" with the least effort.

The midfield and attack prevented Real Madrid from threatening Lopetegui's goal in the first half, but it was not the only problem. Two adjustments in the line of defense, with militão instead of the injured Ramos, and the most important point. The left front became clear with Marcelo, who participated in the place of Mendy.

Zidane learns from his mistakes quickly

In the second half the shape of the team changed, high pressure from the start on Sevilla's defense, and a magic touch from the 38-year-old veteran star Ibrahimovic. Sorry, it's Luka Jović. Casemiro put a solo goal and scored superbly from above the keeper.

Over time, after Luuk de Jong scored the equalizer for Sevilla, Casemiro responded by scoring his second goal for Real Madrid. It seemed clear that Real Madrid's big turnaround in the second half was as if you were watching a team other than the one that played in the first half.

Zidane knew the problems that existed, read the pitch well, which was evident in his interventions, made two substitutions at once, and involved Benzema instead of Jović, and Vinicius instead of Rodrygo to activate the attack, and after scoring the second goal he put his hand on one of the main problems in the left front, to get Marcelo out and push Mendy instead.

Zidane certainly missed as all the world's coaches, but his main advantage is that he learns from his mistakes quickly, which helped him achieve 3 very important points against one of the teams that have performed strongly this season and are in the golden box.

But the most important factor is that these mistakes are not repeated from the beginning so as not to regret at a time when remorse does not work, there are small details that may turn the course of the game, such as de Jong's canceled goal. He is now required not to lose any points to achieve real Madrid's most outstanding goal this season and win the league championship.

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