Liverpool negotiate with Real Madrid to sign Isco and Napoli star as his replacement

Spanish and Italian media said Thursday evening that Liverpool wants to sign Spanish playmaker Isco from the ranks of Real Madrid.

According to the Italian website "CalcioMercato" that Liverpool is preparing an offer of 59 million pounds to contract with The Spanish Isco from the ranks of Real Madrid, and even began to talk to some agents of the player's business.

CalcioMercato reported that Liverpool is looking for a new playmaker to strengthen their ranks during the upcoming summer transfer market in preparation for the new season.

Liverpool want Isco and Fabián Ruiz alternative

CalcioMercato revealed that Liverpool has an alternative plan if they fail to sign Isco from the Spanish side.

The website said that Liverpool is putting an eye on Fabián Ruiz to sign him in case negotiations with Real Madrid for Isco fail.