Real Madrid are better without Bale.

Real Madrid did not face any problems after the absence of Welsh star Gareth Bale from the team against Valencia on Wednesday night.

Gareth Bale's absence from Real Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup final in Jeddah is expected to continue.

Respiratory problems prevented Gareth Bale from being with the Real Madrid mission currently in Saudi Arabia and missed the semi-final which defined his team's victory by three goals to one.

The numbers confirm the negative impact of Gareth Bale's presence on Real Madrid

Spanish newspaper Sport reported on Thursday that Real Madrid would be better off without Gareth Bale, stating that Real Madrid's squad wins the games and scored more goals when the Welshman is absent from the team.

The newspaper pointed out that the figures confirm this based on what happened this season where the team won 80.5% of the points in bale's absence while the team wins only 59.5% when the Welsh player participates.

Bale has missed 12 of the 26 games this season, 8 of them due to injury, and the team has won 9 and lost one game and drawn twice.

In the absence of Gareth from Zinedine Zidane, the team has scored 30 goals in 12 games, while the scoring rate has been reduced by 23 goals in 14 meetings in all competitions.