Reinier Jesus

According to the press, Real Madrid will announce the deal after January 19th.

Brazilian Flamengo player, Reinier Jesus refused to comment on the possibility of joining Real Madrid during the current transfer window.

The young player is now with the Brazilian Under-23 team, who are preparing to compete in the South American championship leading up to the upcoming Olympics.

The 18-year-old refused to answer reporters' questions today about his future, saying only: "Let's see."

For its part, the Spanish press confirmed that the Brazilian player will join Real Madrid for 30 million euros, once he completes his 18th year, which will be on January 19th.

In a related context, Marka newspaper interviewed Phillips, a colleague of Reinier, about his possible joining Real Madrid, in which he said: "I did not know that he signed for Real Madrid, it is an excellent deal, he is a strong player and he bears a lot even though his body looks weak."

He continued: "He is not 100% ready to play in La Liga, he is still 17 years old, but he undoubtedly has a bright future and good potential."

Phillips believes that Reinier will look like Ricardo Kaka, and even outperform him in some ways.