The results of the Copa del Rey draw. Easy matches for Real Madrid and Barcelona

The draw for the 32nd round of the Copa del Rey resulted in very easy confrontations for the big four who participated in the Spanish Super Cup, which is represented by Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atlético Madrid, and Valencia.

The Spanish Federation amended the rules of the Draw of the King of Spain Cup, where it has classified the 32 clubs to 4 levels, and the presence of the quartet participating in the Super Cup in the first level, and will face the holders of the fourth level less powerful among all clubs.

Barça, the record holder in the number of times they win the cup, will face Ibiza, who are active in the Third Division, while Salamanca clashed with Real Madrid, the Spanish Super Champions, a few days ago.

Results of the draw for the round of 32 of the Copa del Rey: -

Ibiza x Barcelona

Logroñés x Valencia

cultural leonesa x Atlético Madrid

Salamanca x Real Madrid