Vallejo Real Madrid defender closes to Granada

Vallejo Real Madrid defender closes to Granada

Granada is close to receiving the services of young defender Jesús Vallejo, Real Madrid's player and loanee to The Wolverhampton.

Real Madrid allowed defender Jesús Vallejo to exit the Premier League earlier this season, via the gate of Wolverhampton, on loan for a season, to get a chance to participate and develop.

Vallejo, however, did not book his place in Nuno Santo's squad, appearing in just seven matches with Wolverhampton, with a total of 612 minutes. The last time was on 30 October against Aston Villa in the EFL Cup.

Wolverhampton coach Nuno Santo said: "It will be clear, Vallejo is likely to leave because he wants to play, he has played some times well, and other times he has not played well, that is the case of Vallejo."

Real Madrid agree to loan defender Vallejo to Granada
The Spanish newspaper "Marca" indicated that Vallejo, the defender of Real Madrid will join the ranks of Granada on loan.

The newspaper confirmed that Vallejo will join Granada until the end of the current season, after which Real Madrid will decide whether the player is part of Zinedine Zidane's squad, or will be loaned again.

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