6 months of suffering .. Things Jović lacks to succeed in Real Madrid

6 months of suffering .. Things Jović lacks to succeed in Real Madrid

The most pessimistic did not expect the first six months for Serbian striker Luka Jović at Real Madrid in this way, almost half the season has passed and he still has only scored two goals in various leagues, and it is not only about scoring goals but appears disappointingly in most of the games he plays.

Real Madrid contracted Jović for 60 million euros, and although some tried to inflate this deal last summer, Zinedine Zidane had decided from day one that the player would be a replacement for Karim Benzema, to start booking a basic seat gradually based on the level he offers, and until this moment, to The Serbian striker has no chance of booking a key position, and this may not happen this season even if he shines in the next round.

What we have seen from Jović in Frankfurt, and in some rare glimpses with Real Madrid, assures us that he has a good talent as an outspoken striker, he has shown some advantages such as his ability to book the ball, play excellently in the air, and has strong and accurate shots, and his concentration is somewhat distinctive.

Despite these advantages enjoyed by the player, but he has not yet been consistent in the royal club, you feel whenever he participates that he is isolated from the rest of the group, and fails to participate in the process of building the game, as the Real Madrid players began to lose confidence in him recently and do not pass him a lot of balls, and far from all this, we will In this report, you will be shown the highlights of the Serbian striker's lack of talent at the Santiago Bernabéu:

Stay away from isolation and shyness at Real Madrid

The problem of clubs big the size of Real Madrid and Barcelona, that the player suffers a lot in the dressing room if he does not have a strong personality or fun or at least not introverted, and many examples failed for this reason, perhaps most notably Gareth Bale at Real Madrid and Philippe Coutinho in Barcelona.

To join the team on the pitch, you must first fit in with the players inside the dressing room and in training and social events, and here we note that Jović is the most isolated of all the newcomers last summer, and therefore the most suffering among them, must first talk to his colleagues and build a relationship Friendship with them, without fear or shame, there are players of much less quality than him and have managed to fit in the Real Madrid dressing room wonderfully over the past decade.

This leads us to the need to learn Spanish as soon as possible, the player made an important statement two months ago in which he talked about spending most of the time with Belgian Tebo Courtois because they speak a common language, which makes Real Madrid fans concerned about the repetition of Gareth Bale's scenario, it is more important now to take the initiative Learn the language of the club he plays in and never be lazy about it.

He must understand his role at Real Madrid.

Even if Luka Jović turns into a goal machine, Zinedine Zidane will not make him a key player if he does not play other roles, because Real Madrid no longer rely on the striker stationed in the penalty area throughout the game, and there are other things to be done, such as high pressure on the opponent's players following the organization Zidane's strategy, and more involvement in the process of building the game, sometimes returning to receive the ball instead of waiting for it.

Zidane does not want Luka Jović to turn to Karim Benzema because the roles played by the French striker are not good for any striker in Europe, and this is in return for a tax of not scoring much except last and current seasons, the Serbian striker is required not to focus on scoring a goal or two, but rather To do what Zidane asks him, because the player at Real Madrid is required to play for 90 minutes with the same performance and style, and players whose role is limited to a creative moment or two in the game such as James Rodriguez and Gareth Bale are not welcome dissertated in the club neither by the fans nor the coaches nor even the press.

يوفيتش ورودريجو

Losing weight and strengthening your state of mind

When we criticize any player because of his large mass that does not fit his job as a footballer, we come up with reports confirming that he is at the perfect weight, it happened with Eden Hazard at the beginning of this season and Romelu Lukaku over the years, and in fact, it is not important to have the perfect body on paper as long as  This body hinders your movement.

Whether jović's weight is perfect or not, it should work further to reduce its overall physical mass, it is clear that its movement is slow and its structure is not as flexible as required, and there is no need for a dietitian or physiotherapist to tell us, it is clear on television.

Jović can use nutritionists and physiotherapists, as well as fitness trainers to reach the right body for his role as a Real Madrid striker, not the ideal body that studies tell us about athletes in general, and many players do this, most notably Cristiano Ronaldo, and even Karim Benzema follows a special system with coaches he has personally contracted since 2017, as Mundo Deportivo revealed three months ago the plan followed by Lionel Messi to extend his life on the football fields, and explained that he is following a specific and strict system both in terms of nutrition and training, all this is far About the rules and training related to the club.

Jović's attention should not only be physical, but also mental, as many psychological means help players to restructure their motivations and motivations, and face difficult obstacles like the one he is going through now, it would be better if he hired a psychologist to reach the situation Idealism on a mental level, because the player obviously does not play in the desired spirit, as we feel that he is losing confidence in himself because of his inability to register, and these problems if not solved quickly, may worsen and become a personality trait difficult to get rid of later.

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