In order not to suddenly collapse everything ... Real Madrid is not perfect

In order not to suddenly collapse everything ... Real Madrid is not perfect

"Zidane has made it clear how he works, everyone at Real Madrid is important, this is how to win titles," said Brazilian star Casemiro after the team's 4-0 victory over Osasuna yesterday, in a clear indication of the team's readiness to win the La Liga and Champions League titles this season.

Casemiro's remarks reflect the players' belief in the ideas and decisions of their coach Zinedine Zidane and show that the team regained the passion and spirit that was missing last season and the beginning of this season, and I agree with what he said about the strategy followed by the French coach to win titles, but at the same time, there Some problems to stand-in.

Real Madrid's victory for the fifth consecutive la Liga match, and an overwhelming four-goal victory away from home, does not mean that the team has reached the ideal level, as it is still far from its performance in 2017, the best year for Real Madrid in the new millennium.

Real Madrid's results do not reflect reality

Not to reduce Real Madrid's victories, it deserved to win all of them, but the results do not reflect what happened in some games, for example, the team appeared disappointingly defensively in yesterday's match against Osasuna, but received only one goal, due to brilliant shots from Casemiro, Rafael Varane and Tebow Courtois who saved goals.

Real Madrid's defense has evolved a lot in recent weeks, and in the current season, in general, has received only 14 goals in the league, which is half the number of goals received by Barcelona, but at the same time, the goal of Tebo Courtois is always under threat, sometimes the opponent does not succeed in dealing with opportunities, and at other times the goalkeeper offers The Belgian performed more than superbly, except of course for individual interventions from defenders that have been prolific in recent games.

Real Madrid apply the strategy of high pressure on the opponent in its areas and succeeds a lot in extracting the ball before it reaches its areas, but the problem lies when the opponent succeeds in coming up with the ball, because the pressure on the holder of the ball is much lower then, and the real players try to concentrate in the penalty area and wait for what The opponent will do it, and most of the time there are serious attacks that can translate into targets.

On the offensive side, the team does not create enough chances in the game compared to what it did in the past, you should not look at the final result for 90 minutes, but for the period when the team is not ahead of the result, because, after progress, things become a lot easier, as happened in yesterday's game.

In front of Getafe, for example, the team created 5 chances throughout the game, scored 3 goals from very difficult situations, while the players were unable to get the ball out as required, and Tebow Courtois gave a match of history then, and what I want to say, that things will not always go that way and the biggest example of what happened in front of Real Susid Ed.

In order not to suddenly collapse everything ... Real Madrid is not perfect

So that Real Madrid don't suddenly collapse.

We go back and repeat, Real Madrid have developed a lot in recent months, and it is the strongest team in La Liga without a doubt, but there are defensive mistakes to be stood by Zinedine Zidane, these mistakes were not highlighted because they did not translate into goals in the nets Courtois, but this may happen at any time, and collapse The team suddenly, Zidane loses everything he has built in the past period.

We should also focus more on the process of building attacks as well, we have recently seen a rush to try to move the ball forward, this indeed is to exploit the spaces in the opponent's areas and launch quick attacks, but this strategy must be studied better, and work on two very important parts, the first of which is centered The advanced players moved, and the second accuracy of the player who will pass a ball that hits the lines, because the team received many attacks after a player failed to deliver the ball to the second half of the field.

Mistakes like this can be ensured by the team against lower quality opponents, especially since the team has many positive points that make a difference to it, but the effects can be severe against opponents of higher quality, such as Manchester City, who will be a guest at the Santiago Bernabéu on 26 February.

Real Madrid were more solid defensive lye in the games they played at the end of last year and the beginning of 2020, but that was at the expense of offensive work, while defensive hardness decreased slightly in recent games, because Zinedine Zidane tries to create a balance between attack and defense after he has addressed problems Many in the backline, and the French coach still did not reach the right strategy to achieve this balance, although the results say otherwise.

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