Real Madrid legend: Ramos is an exceptional player

Real Madrid legend: Ramos is an exceptional player

Fernando Hierro, the former Real Madrid captain, praised Sergio Ramos' outstanding performance with Real Madrid, noting that he is an exceptional player.

After Real Madrid's last match against Osasuna, Sergio Ramos became the fifth most-competitive player for Real Madrid in la Liga with 440 appearances.

Sergio Ramos, the captain of the Royal team and the star of his line of defense, has scored in all the seasons he has been with Real Madrid since 2005.

Hierro sings Ramos' exceptional performance with Real Madrid

"Certainly Sergio Ramos is a remarkable player, for years the defenders have had the opportunity to score more than now, and we have often played in midfield, but in our time in the 21st century, Ramos is an exceptional player," Fernando Hierro told La Liga.

"Gerard Pique also scores a lot of goals, but Sergio Ramos is an anomaly, given the number of goals he has scored throughout his career, both with Real Madrid and Spain," he added.

Sergio Ramos has scored 115 goals in his football career so far.

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