Zidane proves his terrifying development and resolves the derby in the runners-up

Day after day, Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane proves his great development from the tactical side and his brilliant ability to read the game and make a difference at any time.

It is also rumored in the sports circles that the second half is called "the run of coaches", and the reason here is to see the ability of the coach to read the play correctly after he saw the strengths and weaknesses on the field for his team or opponent, whether we agree or disagree on the validity of this phrase, but Zidane gave a lesson to everyone last He is playing in today's match against Atlético Madrid.

Real Madrid secured a precious victory over Atlético Madrid with a clean goal, in the clash between the two teams on Saturday at the Santiago Bernabéu, in the 22nd round of the Spanish Premier League competition.

The knot ended, after Real Madrid failed to win the last six Derbys at home in the League, strengthened its lead in the table of the league rankings alone with 49 points, 6 points ahead of Barcelona runners-up with an extra game, while Atlético Madrid is in fifth place with 36 points.

Some notes from the Madrid derby between Real Madrid and Atlético

First half to forget and maybe the worst for Zidane in the recent period with Real Madrid
Zinedine Zidane made all possible mistakes, starting with poor preparation, not reading the opponent, which translated him into the formation that entered the game, and the subsequent tactical form and its application on the pitch.

Zidane entered the same formation and style of play he used in the Super Cup matches against Valencia and Atlético Madrid, playing with five players in midfield, and after their impressive success against Valencia, but it was not suitable for Diego Simeone.

Having 5 players in the middle of the field without any winger or player with non-traditional individual solutions, will not benefit you in front of the defensive clusters made by Simeone, and strangely enough that Zidane repeated the same mistake in front of the same opponent less than a month later, and waited for a different result!

Simeone fears Messi, expressed it again and again and publicly, the player who has the innovative solution and is able at any moment to change the course of the game alone. The purpose of our talk here is not only Messi who has resolved many games for Barcelona against Atlético Madrid and more than scored in their goal, but Simeone suffers in front of any fast player and can dodge the ball, and that is why he hated Di María before, and with the absence of Hazard, there is another player who can create many For problems for the Atletico Madrid coach. It is Vinícius.

Vinícius was one of the main reasons for Real Madrid winning the derby last season, even if he did not score a goal, but he can break the defensive bloc, which bothers Simeone. But Zidane did not take advantage of the high morale of his young player and sat next to him on the bench.

Not only that, it is assumed that the presence of 5 players in the middle of the field gives you control and possession of the ball even if negatively but this did not happen, Real Madrid appeared miserable without any agreed tactical sentence, Oblak did not appear in the first half, while Atlético Madrid threatened the goal Courtois in more than Fit if it weren't for the continued brilliance of the Belgian goalkeeper.

Everything's changed in the coaches' run.
Assuming the correctness of the phrase mentioned above that the second half is the run of the coaches, Zinedine Zidane showed his clear development for everyone in his second term and confirmed that he learns from the mistakes he makes quick, without any obstinacy, Zidane did not wait as much as we used to before when we thought that any Switching a quarter of an hour before the start of the second half is a taboo for him.

He made two substitutions at the start of the second half with Vinícius and Lucas Vázquez coming down next to Benzema in the attack, and took out Toni Kroos and Isco, turning the game into 4-3-3, with the trio of Casemiro, Valverde, and Modric in the middle of the field.

Real Madrid has been suffering this season when they did not score an early goal in the first half, and given the events of the first half and the rich history between the two teams in the past years in the league, it seemed to everyone that the game was on its way to a negative draw.

But everything really changed in the second half, no one denies Zidane's terrible ability to deal morally with the players so we found a different form and motivation from the players in deciding the winner.

Agreed tactical sentences we see repeatedly, as the goal came, a wonderful pass from the wing "Vinicius" which returns back to give space to the player "Mendy", who sends a cross ball ground for the striker "Benzema" who score the goal, which was repeated in the last game against Real Zaragoza, but from The right-hand side between Ibrahim Diaz and Carvajal ended with a goal for Benzema as well.

Real Madrid continued to keep the clean net, the development of the defensive system completely, to go ahead towards the coronation of the club's first goal this season which is the league title, and with the improvement of the offensive form in the second half and it became clear in the tactical sentences agreed, it is unfair to deny some the development of Zidane and his lack of status in the position he deserves with some of the coaches of other clubs.