Bale takes part in the handkerchief challenge in a way that provokes Real Madrid fans. Video

Real Madrid striker Gareth Bale took part in the meddle challenge against the Coronavirus, but in a way that provoked his team's fans.

A group of football stars launched an initiative to educate the public on the need to abide by rules and regulations by staying indoors and not leaving them, to reduce the spread of the CORONA virus. Using "napkin paper" and highlighting their football-style skills.

The challenge saw Gareth Bale take part, but he created the challenge in his own way, playing his favorite golf ball game.

Bale challenged Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods and Sergio García, and shared videos in the same way.

The Welsh striker got into many problems with Real Madrid fans, because of his excessive interest in the golf ball, and caused his concentration to be dispersed and his level decreased

Bale takes part in the handkerchief challenge to fight corona golf ball