The latest news on the Corona virus in the world of football and sports

Sports crises are escalating hour after hour due to the widespread of the CORONA virus in most countries of the world, and football has become completely paralyzed, and there are expectations that tougher action will be taken in the coming hours.

Many effective preventive measures have been taken over the past few days, such as postponing some matches or banning fans in others, but things are starting to take another curve altogether after Wednesday evening's announcement of the first infection of the coronavirus for a professional football player in the leagues Great European.

In this updated report, we review you on an ongoing basis all sports news related to the Coronavirus:

Champions League matches postponed after Real Madrid and Juventus disaster

The Spanish newspaper "Marca" revealed that UEFA is in the process of postponing all matches of the Champions League and The Europa League due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, where it indicated that the official decision will be issued soon.

La Liga competitions suspended due to Corona

The Spanish League announced Thursday noon the suspension of the Spanish football league competitions for the first and second (professional) levels during the next two rounds - at least - of the life of the competition.

Corona beats Real Madrid and the team goes to quarantine

Real Madrid officially announced that one of the club's basketball players had contracted the Coronavirus, and all football and basketball players were quarantined to ensure their safety and to detect any new infections.

What will happen at Juventus after Daniele Rugani has Corona's disease?

After it is confirmed that defender Daniele Rugani has been infected with the CORONA virus, Juventus will wait until 25 March, when he has been scheduled to return to training after the end of the state of health in entire Italy.

The Premier League may make the difficult decision to prevent corona

Premier League football competitions have not yet been suspended despite the fact that coronavirus infection swells in many European countries.

NBA finals suspended until further notice due to corona

The NBA has decided to suspend the NBA championship game after Wednesday's game after a player contracted the coronavirus.

After Daniele Rugani was infected with corona. Ronaldo refuses to return to Juventus

 Cristiano Ronaldo has decided to stay on Madeira and return to Italy and Juventus only when things get better due to the worsening of things in northern Italy with the spread of the Coronavirus.

Daniele Rugani's injury halts all sports activities at Inter Milan

Inter Milan announced at dawn Thursday in an official statement that all sports activities at the club have been suspended due to the spread of the Coronavirus, which has crippled the movement of sport in the world.

The fact that Juventus defender De Lecht was injured in Corona!

News has spread on social media in Europe in the past few hours about Juventus defender Matias de Lecht suffering from the coronavirus.

Juventus announce Daniele Rugani infected with Coronavirus

Juventus announced that Daniele Rugani was infected with the Coronavirus after his tests were confirmed positive.