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Former Barcelona coach and current Spain coach Luis Enrique praises Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos

Luis Enrique praised the Spanish captain and Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos, who said he was surprised by the quality he had as a captain and being a great person.

Luis Enrique played for Real Madrid and Barcelona, and coached the Catalan team between 2014 and 2017 and is the most prominent Real Madrid hater in the world.

Luis Enrique said Sergio Ramos is a special leader and a nice person, stressing that dealing with him closely shows his true side.

He added: "My job as a coach is to ask the team to create good football, to be better than the opponent, to create more opportunities and prevent the opponent from making it."

He continued: "My relationship with Sergio Ramos is very good and special, just as with 99.9% of the players, I knew him before through the confrontations in which he was my opponent."

"But when I met him, I was surprised by the great pleasure he was given and being a very friendly person, as well as being the captain of the Spanish national team and doing his part to the fullest."

He continued: "I was surprised by his leadership ability, his personal qualities, his ability to contain different situations and give advice to young players, that was really what gave him great value."

It is noteworthy that the Coach of the Spanish national team Luis Enrique was removed from his post after the death of his daughter from cancer before returning to work again.