Hakimi: I have not received any contact from Real Madrid

Morocco's Ashraf Hakimi, a Borussia Dortmund player on loan from Real Madrid, has commented that he could return to the royal club next summer.

"It was difficult to leave Real Madrid, but if you don't have chances to participate, it's good to be looking to play for more minutes," Hakimi said, speaking to the Spanish tv program "El Chiringuito".

He added: "My future? I'd like to keep playing. I am young and I would be happy if I continued to participate in Real Madrid."

The Moroccan midfielder continued: "I have not received any call from Real Madrid since the departure".

"My parents' desire? They want me to be happy."

Hakimi continued: "Quarantine in Germany? I deal with it easily and spend time with the family, training with a trainer through video so I don't lose my fitness."

Hakimi's loan to Borussia Dortmund expires next summer.