Hazard: My real start with Real Madrid will be next season

Hazard frustrated by

Belgian player Eden Hazard has revealed his deep sadness at the postponement of Euro 2020 to 2021, as he was waiting for her with great passion.

Hazard moved to Real Madrid from Chelsea at the start of the season, but injuries have been a major obstacle to the brilliance of Real Madrid.

Hazard said in an interview with Belgian radio: "We're fine without getting out of the house and I'm going to get better and for a week the surgical thread has been removed, and I'm making a little effort."

He added: "I was waiting for the Euro Championship I am a bit frustrated by the postponement I was fully planning to participate in it and be the door of my return, so I had surgery and waiting until 2021 is frustrating you a lot, but there are priorities in life that make you cancel everything related to football."

"My first season with Madrid was bad, but not all of it is like this, and this is a season to adapt and judge me from the second season, and being at a good level next season will depend on me, my teammates are great, And I got to know new people, and for me, it is a great experience, and I still have 4 years in my contract."

He continued: "I called Zidane yesterday and we do not know when we will come back and what needs to be done to maintain our level it is very difficult, but we have the resources to stay fit, everyone at the moment hopes that there will be the end of the season."

"He said, "There's no one who's not afraid of HIV, but I'm not here, I don't deal with anyone, we can't see anyone, I have a little bit of fear like everyone else, but I have to take care of other people, and I'm worried about vulnerable people with problems."