Isco launches donation campaign to buy medical supplies

Like other football stars, Isco found himself responsible for contributing concrete help to the Coronavirus.

Real Madrid player Isco and his partner Sara Sálamo have launched a donation campaign to buy the medical supplies needed by hospitals to tackle COVID-19.

The new campaign aims to purchase half a million euros worth of medical supplies that hospitals and health centers will be provided to support them in their efforts to tackle the virus.

Isco called on citizens to cooperate to help hospitals after communicating with many manufacturers and medical staff to find out the needs.

"We need your support to help and contribute as much as we can from each of us, we want to help health workers, patients, doctors, nursing staff, they're risking their lives for us," Isco said.

Isco's campaign comes in parallel with other football star campaigns, with Kimmich and Goretzka launching a campaign of financial donations to tackle the virus in Germany as well.

The Coronavirus has paralyzed traffic in most parts of the world and has led to the postponement of several major sporting events from this year to next years such as Euro 2020 and Copa America.