The cancellation of La Liga and the Champions League is the most likely option now

Pessimism is dominated in the Spanish press about the resumption of the La Liga and European championships this season after the coronavirus crisis worsened in recent days, and the most likely option is now to cancel the season completely.

Last week UEFA took some measures to help clubs complete the season after the outbreak of the crisis, such as postponing euro 2020 to next year, but things got worse than expected, and the number of injured and dead has increased dramatically recently, making the EUROPEAN Union He issued a statement yesterday announcing the postponement of the Champions League final indefinitely.

The Spanish newspaper Sport reported that the resumption of the La Liga and Champions League has become very complicated, and most likely the season will be canceled and everything will be frozen as it was last season, without a team crowned the title or the selection of the qualifiers and the downers.

The newspaper explained in its report that the only tournament that can be resumed is the Copa del Rey, where only one match can be held at any time after the outbreak of the crisis, while 100 matches remain in La Liga, and 17 matches in the Champions League, and it will be almost impossible to find time to fight them, as Life will not return to football until June.

Liga de Fútbol Profesional attacks FIFA president

Javier Tebas president of Liga de Fútbol Profesional has lashed out at FIFA President Gianni Infantino, following recent remarks in which he stressed the need to reduce the number of matches during the season.

Tebas responded to Infantino's remarks, noting that some useless matches such as friendly matches and the Club World Cup should be canceled every season and hinder more follow-up tournaments such as the Major Leagues and the Champions League.