Former Real Madrid star warns against repeating Jovic's scenario with Halland

Steve McManaman, the former Real Madrid star, advised the Norwegian goalkeeper Erlin Haaland not to move now to Real Madrid so as not to be exposed to the likes of Luka Jović with the royal team.

Spanish press reports indicated Real Madrid's great interest in signing the 19-year-old Erlin Haaland, who is currently in charge of his team Dortmund, to which he moved only last January, scoring 19 goals in just 17 games.

Mino Raiola, the Norwegian youth agent, has stated that he will bring a big deal to Real Madrid in the summer, and may be Erlin Haaland deal, but McManaman believes it is too early to join Real Madrid after Luka Jovic's failure with the team despite his remarkable brilliance with EintraFrankfurt German last season.

Jovic's failed experience may be repeated with Erlin Haaland

"It's too early to leave Haaland Borussia Dortmund, he seems happy there, and more importantly, he plays regularly and scores goals," McManaman said.

"He has to stay at Borussia Dortmund, he has to play constantly, he has to stay there for at least two years," he added.

"He can leave when he is a more experienced player after having played 200 games for Dortmund and playing 20 or 30 Champions League games, which is what he should do," he said.

"He can't jump off the ship and move to play for Real Madrid, everyone has seen what happened with Luka Jovic this season, he barely kicks the ball after having had a great season with his team in Germany," he said.

"Haaland doesn't need this pressure, moreover, I heard that Real Madrid wants to include Mbappe, so the team doesn't need both at the same time," he said.