Ramos unveils new donation and explains details of Real Madrid's star program

Real Madrid star Sergio Ramos announces details of the program developed by the Royal Club of Its Stars during the period of quarantine and also revealed a new donation.

Real Madrid's defense captain Sergio Ramos has revealed that the royal club's stars have donated to UNICEF for the coronavirus disaster that the world is currently facing.

Ramos made the remarks in a press statement quoted by the newspaper "Marca", during which he revealed the program that Real Madrid put to its stars during the period of quarantine.

"I am one of the ambassadors of UNICEF, and through them, we have tried to help them, they are there committed to providing medical assistance to hospitals," Ramos said.

He added: "At Real Madrid, we made a very important contribution in partnership with my team-mates and the club, everyone provided assistance and tools to reach the hospitals on Friday."

He continued: "The club has been taking the CORONA virus very seriously since day one and has sent everyone home for the necessary medical isolation."

"The club then gave us some training and we're at home, we're fed different ways and certain ways to spend time at home," he said.

It is worth mentioning that the donation is not the first by Real Madrid, where the club made previous donations during the crisis, the most recent of which was yesterday, Florentino Pérez announced.