A wonderful humanitarian attitude from Real Madrid to fight the Coronavirus

Real Madrid has developed a plan to combat the Coronavirus, which continues to spread alarmingly in Spain and most of the world.

Real Madrid declared a state of emergency, with all its players quarantined for 14 days, due to a basketball player's contract with the Coronavirus.

Real Madrid work on financial assistance plan to fight Corona

As noted by the Spanish newspaper Marca, Real Madrid wants to contribute directly, to help fight the Coronavirus.

Football players are in constant contact with each other and are already working on a financial assistance plan to alleviate the Corona epidemic that has hit the world in the killing, the newspaper said.

Players want to make sure that assistance goes directly to situations where the economic contribution is beneficial.

The players will do everything in their power in the crisis that is testing the whole community, but before any official announcement, they want to be 100% clear about what to do, how it should be done, and where it should be.