Real Madrid's attack problem. All roads lead to Mohamed Salah.

Coronavirus hit the current sports season in death, with the postponement of the Champions League finals until further notice, and the suspension of most European leagues until the epidemic is eliminated, so the big clubs started preparing from now next season, with the attempt to resolve the big deals early, because of the narrow period of summer Mercato this year, due to the possibility of resuming competitions and tournaments until at least next July, according to senior officials of UEFA.

Real Madrid is one of the teams interested in the contract market, especially with the failure or absence of most of their recent deals distinctively, with the frequent injuries of Belgian Eden Hazard, the low yield of Serbian Luka Jović, the departure of Brazilian Militão from participation regularly, in addition to the departure of Gareth Bale and Lucas Váquezz from their level, making the attack of Real Madrid this season a real doubt.

Scoring problem

Real Madrid missed a large part of their attacking power following the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, especially with the lack of experience of Rodrygo and Vinícius, and the frequent injuries of The Belgian Hazard.

Zidane is counting on two plans, the first 4-3-3 with an outspoken three-pointer in the middle, with Benzema in the deep with a pair of wings on the sides. Although Valverde added a lot to this plan, especially by starting on the right in the half-distance with Carvajal, The Royal lacked the offensive depth inside the box, given Benzema's insistence on playing the role of an extra playmaker, by constantly linking him with the midfielders, rather than waiting for the balls in front of goal.

At the level of the second plan 4-3-2-1, with an explicit quadruple presence in the middle, and in front of them Benzema and Isco/Hazard, this drawing gives the team numerical intensity in-depth and makes his defensive transformations better for the presence of an extra player in the middle during the rebounds, but without real chances in front of the goal, to exaggerate the occasions without the presence of an outright striker translates these opportunities into goals, as was the case with Ronaldo.

Kylian Mbappé

Even during the Clásico won by Real Madrid against Barcelona, the Royal Club clearly missed the striker's goal, so much so that the first goals came with the help of friendly fire, after the ball hit Piqué's foot before it touched the nets of Stegen, as well as the scoring of substitute Mariano Díaz the second goal, before the team lost to Real Betis in Andalusia, which made the press put Kylian Mbappé at the top of Florentino Pérez's interests.

Mbappé is fast with the ball and without it, he can defeat defenders as a result of his boldness. Very good at positioning between the lines and inside the defensive channels, so he is smart in positioning with lightness in taking a better place near the goal. The young man has the sensitivity of the striker scorer, to force his coach on two things, the first to put him as a striker instead of a traditional wing, and the second to push him basically during the matches. Mbappé quickly passed the stage of a promising rookie striker to enter the level of the decisive players.

He is the best young striker in the world because of his confidence and calm in dealing with attacks in the last third, and his uniqueness in translating them into goals both in front of adults and young ones. It is expected that his success with Real Madrid, but very difficult to move next summer, especially after the postponement of euro 2020, and the tendency to postpone the Tokyo Olympics, in addition to his association with a formal contract with Paris Saint-Germain until the summer of 2020, so even if Perez offers 200 million euros and more for him, the management of the French club is definitely rejected under the current circumstances.

Salah is the solution to Real Madrid's problems

As a result of all these reasons, from the weakness of the Madrid ese offensive and the difficulty in including Mbappé, the team has to invest in another player and not wait for a new year, especially with the contrast level in the League championship and the difficulty of the Champions League against Manchester City, after being excluded from the Copa del Rey against Real Sociedad, in a season that is difficult to describe as good even Alan, in the event of a return of competitions.

Mohamed Salah has gone from a good winger to a dustless striker in recent years. He is indeed wasting opportunities like others but he scores a lot, and the proof is that he has been the top scorer in the English league in the last two seasons, in addition to his fierce competition this season for the title of the scorer, with double his experience after winning the Champions League, so the Egyptian player needs a bigger step, leaving the ranks of Liverpool and moving to one of the rivals, Barcelona or Real Madrid.

Real Madrid currently needs a right-wing, part of which is a side player and part of a real striker, and this is what the Pharaoh is good at the moment because he moves intelligently in the halves distances, leaves the party to the free player and enters the penalty area, exploits the void quickly and scores goals instead of the outright striker.

Zidane must return to the 4-3-3 draw, so Hazard or Vinícius is the playmaker on the left, while Benzema plays a role similar to what Firmino, the imaginary striker more than the real one, is the whole team in need of a real goal on the right, and that's what Bale Gareth did not offer, Lucas Vázquez, and certainly, the young age of Rodrygo prevents him, so all the ways lead to Mohamed Salah.