Former Real Madrid goalkeeper: the late president is credited with my career

Former Real Madrid goalkeeper Bodo Illgner praises the work of the late club president Lorenzo Sanz

Former Real Madrid goalkeeper Bodo Illgner has said that the late Club President Lorenzo Sanz is credited with wearing the royal team shirt.

Lorenzo Sanz was one of the most important Real Madrid presidents in his history and the first step towards the formation of Galácticos had left our world days ago due to the new Coronavirus.

The past few hours have seen many moving messages from Real Madrid players and sports stars for the obituary of the late president, most notably Iker Casillas.

Former Real Madrid goalkeeper Bodo Illgner said that his inclusion in the royal team was thanks to the insight of the late Lorenzo Sanz.

"Lorenzo Sanz was a very important person in my career. He brought me to Real Madrid in 1996. Without him, he probably wouldn't have happened, he was a brave man and he made many brave decisions."

He continued: "You must be brave if you sign a new goalkeeper from another county, keeping in mind that you already have a legend like Paco Buyo in your team"

"He built a whole new team before that season because the club wasn't doing much in Europe and in Spain in the years before that era."

He continued: "To my side signed with top players such as Roberto Carlos, Panucci, Seedorf, Šuker and Mijatović. And bring Fabio Capello, a coach with a strong personality.""

Lorenzo Sanz is the second death in Spanish sport with coronavirus, where Spanish coach Francisco García died about a week ago, at the age of 21, from contracting the virus and had leukemia before.