What will happen after Real Madrid players are quarantined?

Real Madrid was shocked by the injury of a basketball player with the Coronavirus, Spain's first professional athlete to become ill, which required all football and basketball players to be quarantined.

After the arrival of the Real Madrid players today at the training ground, the coach Zinedine Zidane was informed by the director of medical services at the club the need to isolate the players, and theRefore the French coach asked his players to return to their homes.

The Spanish Federation announced on Thursday morning the suspension of the next two rounds of la Liga indefinitely, and so far no one knows where things are going, and there is the possibility of a complete suspension of the tournament this season if the spread of the disease is not controlled.

Real Madrid players will train at home

The Spanish newspaper Marca published the actions followed by Real Madrid after the discovery of the virus-infected basketball player Trey Thompkins and put the players under quarantine.

The newspaper explained in its report that the players will stay at home for 14 to 20 days until it is confirmed that none of them have been infected with the virus.

The report added that players continue to train at home to maintain their fitness, and most of them have equipped gyms that can be used at this critical time.

Real Madrid players will remain in contact with the club's doctors in the event of any symptoms suggesting that they are infected with THE CORONA virus, as well as with physical trainers and physiotherapists to practice according to specific plans.